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"Tales for The Ones in Love"

An international blog about literature, nature and hope. Here I include lyrics by Rui M. and the work of others. From 4th to 24th each month, new contributions sent to [AFTER AUGUST] are accepted. Periodical Art contests and Critics. Thanks. Arigatou

"Tales for The Ones in Love"

An international blog about literature, nature and hope. Here I include lyrics by Rui M. and the work of others. From 4th to 24th each month, new contributions sent to [AFTER AUGUST] are accepted. Periodical Art contests and Critics. Thanks. Arigatou


International Literary Contest “Poems and Short Fiction for Nature – 2015”


The forest breaths and as a result the planet Earth also breaths, giving us the oxigen that we need to live. During the Winter, in the north of the planet, where the majority of the dry land exists, many trees lose their leafs and the carbon dioxide increases in the atmosphere producing a small increase in global temperature. During the Spring and Summer all the trees of the planet grow leafes and they capture carbon dioxide making the weather lightly fresher than it would be without their action.

To tell you the truth the trees are pressious everywhere, even if they are alone in a grey street of a city or together with a small group of other in a beautiful artificial garden. To grow a tree is to grow a friend, it is an act of poetry and who knows of the tales that the sun beams crossing their branches can inspire.

All the insects of the world and all the animals don’t care about written poetry because they have the visual poetry of flowers in a bed and the colorful grace of reefs. They purely enjoy the beautiful gifts of life!

But, do you know that if the mean world sea temperature rises by 2 degrees celcious that would cause serious damage to reefs? And do you know that the big secret of dogs is their friendship and friendly approach towards us? Certainly, you feel that every living creature is Nature; we are Nature and we also deserve a poem… To protect flowers is to protect us.

Life is special and this is the reason why we invite you to submit your best poem or your perfect tale.


We want to select 36 poems and 4 stories for an anthology that will be published as an e-book in Windows 8.


  1. Every person in the world can participate as long as the submitted work is written in English;
  2. Each person can submit one or two poems, with no word limit, and one story, with maximum 3000 words;
  3. The first prize is the software Scrivener for Windows or Mac;
  4. All the selected works will be part of the Anthology, that will be available for free for at least 100 countries;
  5. Entry minimum donation 1 Pound, 1.05 Euros or 1.10 USD per poem and 2 Pounds, 2.10 Euros or 2.20 USD per tale. The donation will be used to help partners, to plant trees and build a monetary prize for the next contest. Maximum donation accepted 10 Pounds, 11 Euros, 12 USD;
  6. Deadline date: 30 September 2015;
  7. By the end of October 2015 results will be announced at;
  8. The Anthology will be published during November 2015 and the first prize will be given as soon as possible;
  9. Works should be sent to Rui M. at  together with name, works, country and e-mail contact. Put "International Literary Contest “Poems and Short Fiction for Nature – 2015”" in subject line. Payment of the donation must be done using PayPal to .


Contest organizer:

Rui M. at Tales for Love


Competition Adjudicator:

Synchronized Chaos


Main sponsor:

Literature & Latte










Book Park and Arts & Literature


Finnally, we would like to kindly invite you to fill in the next questionnaire. It is a part of an academic study about working conditions to people and ultimately their happiness.

The questionnaire is anonymous and free!

So, why are you waiting for? Please prepare carefully your work and send it to us when you feel comfortable!

Kind regards,

Rui M.


Sample Apps for Windows 8:


Inspiring Photos:








Concurso Literário - Literary Contest Manoel de Oliveira


Como homenagear um cineasta importante


O Sr. Manoel de Oliveira é o cineasta, em atividade, com mais idade! Com a idade de 106 anos continua a produzir um filme por ano! Um dos seus melhores filmes é “Vale Abraão”, ao mesmo tempo belo e melancólico mas, seria possível indicar muitos outros filmes interessantes. Ele é também um exemplo do que é pensar positivo, um verdadeiro exemplo para todos nós. É com o objetivo de homenagear este exemplo de trabalho e qualidade no trabalho que o convidamos a escrever pelo menos um poema, sobre ele e os seus filmes, na sua própria língua, e que nos envie para podermos seleccionar os 106 poemas mais interessantes. Vamos compilar os poemas selecionados numa Antologia Poética, que tenha 106 poemas selecionados, tantos quantos os anos de vida do Sr. Manoel de Oliveira, este ano!

Por favor, visite as páginas seguintes para saber mais sobre o Sr. Manoel de Oliveira e o seu trabalho:





O livro a produzir surgirá no format de e-book disponível em windows (computador) e windows phone (smartphone)!

Não demore! A submissão de poesia inicia-se a 1 de Janeiro de 2015 e termina a 28 de Fevereiro!

Esperamos divulgar os resultados a 5 de Março em:


Por favor, envie um ou dois poemas, com o assunto “Poema a Manoel de Oliveira”, para:

Juntamente com:

Nome; País; Contacto de e-mail;


Os nossos parceiros nacionais hoje:

a) Jornal Bom Dia (no Luxemburgo)


b) Blog Destante (Portugal)


c) Revista Amizdat


d) Encruzilhadas Literárias


e) Magazine EUA Contacto New Jersey (nos EUA)



Os nossos parceiros em Português hoje: 

a) Blog Concursos Literários (Brasil)


b) Galinha Pulando (Brasil)


Esperamos publicar o livro até 10 de Março!

Feliz 2015! Tudo de bom!

A equipa do concurso!




How to honor a great movie director


Manoel de Oliveira is the oldest movie director still working! He is 106 years old and continues to produce one movie per year! One of his best movies was “Abraham's Valley”, moody and beautiful, but we could mention many others. He is also an example of positive thinking and an example to all of us. It is to honor this example of work and quality at work that we invite you to write a small poem, about him or his movies, in your own language, and send it to us.

Please visit the following websites to know more about Manoel de Oliveira and his work:





We will select 106 poems and produce an e-book of poetry that will be available for windows (laptop) and windows phone (smartphone)!

Please hurry up! The submission of poetry for this contest starts 1st January 2015 and ends 28th February 2015!

Results will be available 5 March at:


Please send one or two poems, with message’s subject “Poem to Manoel de Oliveira”, to:

Together with:

Name; Country; e-mail contact;


We expect to publish the book until 10 March!


Our international partners today:

  1. Synchronized Chaos

  1. Book Park and Arts & Literature

Art & Literature


Enjoy 2015! All best!

The team of the contest!





The Free Windows Phone App Draw1 - Raffael V. the artist


Raffael V. is a multifaceted artist who presents colorful paintings but also a vivid and engaging music. Yes, it will be a very interesting experience to know the work of this eclectic artist and that can make us so happy! I invite you to know his work through the following app link:





New Windows Phone 8 and 7 Apps!