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"Tales for The Ones in Love"

An international blog about literature, nature and hope. Here I include lyrics by Rui M. and the work of others. From 4th to 24th each month, new contributions sent to [AFTER AUGUST] are accepted. Periodical Art contests and Critics. Thanks. Arigatou

"Tales for The Ones in Love"

An international blog about literature, nature and hope. Here I include lyrics by Rui M. and the work of others. From 4th to 24th each month, new contributions sent to [AFTER AUGUST] are accepted. Periodical Art contests and Critics. Thanks. Arigatou


Main Results of Literary Contest Nature 2020-2021


It is with great happiness that we share the results of the International Literary Contest Nature 2020-2021 by “The Green Sparrows”:


Poetry Category


1st Place



2nd Place:

“A Quarantine Visitor” by Jill G. Hall (USA)


3rd Place (TIE):

“The Lord of the Words and the Gardener” by José Reis (Brazil)


"Invaders” by Jenny McCabe (UK)


“Stillness” by Carlton Holte (USA)


Honorable Mentions:

“Nature’s Renewal Plan (After the Pandemic)” by Alison Jennings (USA)


“What should always be” by Guillermo Arbe (Peru)


“Healing” by M. Tragicum (Portugal)


“A blooming morning on a tree’s branch” by Alexandra Bucur (Romania)


“Parts of Meditation” by Quinn Brown (USA)



Honorable Mentions (Best Short Poems):

“Araguaia River” by Deuzeli Linhares (Brazil)




Short Stories’ Category:


1st Place:

“March 24th, 2020” by Michaela Brady (UK)


2nd Place:

“Sparrow Spring Engineers” by Mi West (Sweden)


3rd Place (TIE):

“The Lost Village” by Subi Taba (India)


“One Thousand Two Hundred” by Quinn Brown (USA)


Honorable Mentions:

“Like a Bird” by David Ehrlich (Brazil)


“The Badger” by Daniela Albu (Romania)





In this Edition of the International Literary Contest Nature (2020-21) we would like to thank you to:

Maximum Potential Education

and the Adjudicators “The Green Sparrows” and “The Green Cat”.


We would also like to drop a few words about the works received. Today we disclose here the winners, but a few other works will be included in this year’s Anthology. The pieces of poetry and short stories received portray feelings about humanity, the relation with mother nature and, sometimes, the impact of the pandemics in our life. Nature always blooms during Spring and, for many of us, the results of this Contest are known during that season of flowers and hope. Nevertheless, it is always time to be in deep connection with nature. There is always a sunset to light our lives.

During the next weeks we will share here some of the winning works.

eng ok.JPG




Nature 2018-2019 - All Results at Once


Dear Authors and Friends,

We decided to publish today all the results of our Contest: Pre-Finalists and Finalists at once.

Congratulations to all the winners!




1 th - The Lady of Coram (Ireland) – by Claire O' Connell

2 nd - Paint Me (Mozambique) – by Stelio Filipe

3 rd - God the Rock (US) – by Janine Canan




1 th – Breathless (US) – by Mona Winston

2 nd - Very Precious! (Brazil) – by Odenir Follador

3 rd - The Warning (Brazil) – by João Araújo



More Selected Poetry


Humanity; Reconciling with Nature (Nigeria) by Chimezie Ihekuna


Totem (Poland) by Eliza Segiet

REDOLENT (South Africa) by Adiela Akoo

noi doi ne ciocnim OR we two collide (Romania) by Ion Calota

RAIN AND SALT (Italy) by Alberto Arecchi

PULSANT LIFE AT SEA (Brazil) by Tauã Rangel

THE NATURE (Brazil) by Luiz Pereira

Our hearts are roses (Brazil) by Lindalva Casteluber


LET THERE BE LIGHT! (Brazil) by Thayanne Silva

 Necessary (Brazil) by Leon Lus

YOUR LIGHT (Brazil) by Edilson Leão

LAW OF RETURN (Brazil) by Ilva da Silva

LOVE (Brazil) by Simone Souza

Song of the nature (Romania) by Savu Elena-Corina

I see one world (Brazil) by Beatrice Medrado

Toxic relationship (Brazil) by Beatriz Gomes

Embracing sky (Brazil) by Jeanete Shimara

Inspiration (Portugal) by Pedro Vale

To the nature (Bangladesh) by Md. Mahbubul Alam (John)

What a beautiful life! (Brazil) by Viviane Parreira




More Selected Short Stories


FOR AN INNOCENT LOOK (Brazil) By Thayanne Silva

It's just appearance (Brazil) by Adriani Alini da Silva




Results of the International Literary Contest "Nature 2016"


Dear Authors, Dear Friends,


We are very happy to share with you the winners of the “International Literary Contest Nature 2016”.

Also, we announce the works that will be included in the Anthology of this year.


The big winner for Short Story category is:

“See a Different Picture” by Vandini Sharma, India

An entertaining, elegantly written, complex and profound story about human beings and Nature.


The winning poems are:

1st “Do We Simply Stand and Watch?” by Michelle Yue, USA. A clear-sighted poem about the destruction of Nature.

2nd “A Lost Planet” by Grace Heblok, from Australia, is a deeply felt prose poem that speaks for the Earth.

3rd “The Secret World of Nature” by Joan Beebe, USA, expresses the beauty, peace and gratitude we experience when we merge into Nature.


This is the listing for all the works that will be included in our Anthology Nature 2016:


“Patron Saints”, poem by Nev Gardner, USA

“Trees”, poem by Grace Heblok, Australia

“On the ruins of love”, poem by Serena Saab, Lebanon

“Marbles & Stones!”, poem by Vijay Chacko, North Ireland, India

“WHAT HAVE WE BECOME”, poem by Norman Datt, Canada

“Beautiful Disaster” and “Degas' Lantana”, poems by Andre M. Stillman, USA

“Eager to Live”, short story by Franklin Maurice, South Africa

“A Prostitute is not a Material Tool” and “Books of untold Negroes”, poems by Franklin Maurice, South Africa

“The Tears of Nature”, short story by Corina Savu, Romania

“I prayed for healing, but it didn’t come”, poem by Remona W. Winston, USA

 “Into the Mystic”, poems by Jac Shortland, Ireland

“Striking Back”, short story by Chan Si Jie, Singapura

“A broken leaf” and “The deaf and dumb, sense of togetherness”, poems by Kilol Gupta, India

“November Blue”, poem by Claire O' Connell, Ireland

“In Bed”, poem by A.F. Winter, USA

“WHAT HAVE WE BECOME”, poem by Norman Datt, Canada

“Studying Wildlife”, poem by Patricia Horn O’Brien, USA

“Rust red the March wood stands.”, poem by Michael Milano, USA

“FOOTPRINTS” and “GROOVIN`”, poems by Ana Nedelcu, Romania

“-Seedling-“, poem by Muthoni Tenn, USA

“Architecture”, poem by Anda Peterson, USA


“The soul of Nature” and “Will we meet again?”, by Sruthi Denny, India

“Beautiful Nature in Life”, poem by Mahbubul Alam John, Bangladesh


Thank you for all your effort and valuable work.

The Team


The results today!


It is with great satisfaction that we disclose the results of the first International Literary Contest About Nature -2015:

The Three Big Winners!


First Place – Shmavon Azatyan from Armenia – Poem: “My Island”

Second Place – Camellia Choudhuri from India – Poem “Rendezvous with nature”

And also

Second Place - Laura Emery from United Kingdom – Poem “Woodbells”



We also selected the following poems and short stories to our Anthology!


Robert Iulo from USA – Short Story “A Dark Night


Milan Urbanik from Slovakia – Short Story “Dreams about blueberries“


Katy Allyn from USA – Poem “Her Position in the Forest”


Fabiyas M V from India – Poem “Holidaying In Chimney Woods”


Audrey Andujar Wright from USA – Poems “To be loved by God” and “It’s getting late now”




Clinton Siegle from USA – Poem “Nature's flower down left side”


Elaine Speakman from United Kingdom- Poem “October is ok”


Neville P. Gardner from India – Poem “Reflections Of A Bird Watcher On A Winter Morn.”


Glow in the Dark Art from USA – Short Stories “Tragic times at sea ” and “The forest cursed by evil seeds”




Cancer App and Results of the Contest


Dear Friends,


Our Free App about cancer was updated!

You can find it here!

URL for Windows 10
URL for Windows 8.1 and earlier
URL for Windows Phone 8.1 and earlier


Also, we would like to inform that tomorrow we will spread the word about the results of our contest!


All best and enjoy your Sunday,


Resultados - Results


O conjunto de 106 poemas:


  1. Tudo é Possivel” (São Gonçalves , Luxemburgo)


  1. Jardim de rolos de filmes lusitanos que tanto amo!” (Roberth Fabris , Brasil)


  1. Filmografia poética de um grande lusitano” (Roberth Fabris , Brasil)


  1. O Espetáculo” (Vanessa de Carvalho Vaz , Brasil)


  1. Elogio à Mãe ” (Vanessa de Carvalho Vaz , Brasil)


  1. Homem Centenário,Poema...” (Petronilha Alice Almeida Meirelles,Brasil)


  1. Como isso é possível?...” (Alberto Hora,Brasil)


  1. A flor em meio aos rochedos” (Lucy Coelho , Brasil)


  1. A Oliveira mais Longíqua ” (Benedita Stingl, Portugal)


  1. Vida desta Vida” (Benedita Stingl, Portugal)


  1. Sétima Arte” (Vanda Lúcia da Costa Salles , Brasil)


  1. A Solidão das Mães” (Ana Luzia Parreira Cavaco, Portugal)


  1. Holográfica(mente)” (Alessandra Figueiró Froener , Brasil)



  1. O Gebo e a sombra” (José Carlos Brandão, Brasil)


  1. O Velho do Restelo” (José Carlos Brandão, Brasil)


  1. Eu sou literatura, amor...” (Samuel Barcellos Filho, Brasil).


  1. A Tela” (HIATUS, Brasil)


  1. Eterno Poeta” (HIATUS, Brasil)


  1. Tributo a Manoel de Oliveira” (Dilercy Adler, Brasil )


  1. Quantos envios e desvios remessas...” (André Francisco Gil, Brasil)


  1. Tem afirmativas que resistem num curto propósito...” (André Francisco Gil, Brasil)


  1. Escolha do cardápio” (Anderson Honorato, Brasil )


  1. Breve Caminhar” (Viviane Fávero, Brasil )


  1. Coração sonhador” (Maria das Graças Silva, Brasil)



  1. Oh vida...” (Ana Carolina Cerqueira Chaves, Brasil).



  1. Amiga” (Jose Gabriel dos Santos, Brasil).



  1. Poesia” (Jose Gabriel dos Santos, Brasil).


  1. A Força da Natureza” (Sara Toscano, Portugal)


  1. Da Lama, A Alma” (Schleiden Nunes Pimenta, Brasil)


  1. Evoé” (Schleiden Nunes Pimenta, Brasil)


  1. Douro: Working River” (David Pollard, Reino Unido)


  1. Poema sobre o amor real” (Luís Paz, Brasil)


  1. Corpo!” (Edu Lima , Brasil)


  1. Vita Lunga “ (Andra Gabriela Prodea, Romênia)


  1. Vento de Sangue” (Alberto Arecchi, Itália).


  1. Minhas lembranças” (Antonio Pereira da Costa Neto ,Brasil)


  1. A vida aperreia” (Ribamar José de Oliveira Junior, Brasil).


  1. Itinerário “ (Marina de Lima Mohallem, Brasil)


  1. “A fenda do mundo” (Adriana Lima Delgado.Portugal)


  1. Meia Elegia filmada em Meia de Imaginação” (António Jorge Pereira Madeira,Portugal)


  1. Sobre príncipes e sapos” (José Carlos da Silva, Brasil)


  1. O voo cego” (Lúcio Pessôa, Brasil)


  1. Os outros e eu, e os outros...” (Lúcio Pessôa, Brasil)




  1. Cinema a 106°” (Neyd M. Makiolka Montingelli, Brasil)


  1. Na alma...” (Lino Sousa Mucuruza, Moçambique)


  1. A idade é só a idade” (Rafael Alvarenga, Brasil)


  1. Ele não é o Sol” (Felipe Jordan, Brasil)


  1. Manoel de Oliveira” (Nélio Gemusse, Moçambique)


  1. Resquícios” (Carlos Oliveira Rodrigues,Brasil)


  1. Ex-sonhos” (Clarissa Damasceno Melo, Brasil)


  1. Sentido” (Rodrigo R. Antonio,Brasil)


  1. TAMO JUNTO”(Rodrigo R. Antonio,Brasil)


  1. MANOEL DE OLIVEIRA” (Vaguinho,Brasil)


  1. Cinema em Festa” (Leandro Martins de Jesus, Brasil)


  1. Vênus” (Hilberto Gomes de Souza Carvalho,Brasil)


  1. Aplausos” (Hilberto Gomes de Souza Carvalho,Brasil)


  1. A vida é uma derrota num quarto de sombras” (Maria João Pessoa,Portugal)


  1. Manoel”(Claudia Damasio da Silva Miguel, Brasil)


  1. Caríssimo” (Iramel Lima,Brasil)


  1. Ao Cineasta” (Iramel Lima,Brasil)


  1. Eu sigo a vida com fé...” (Angélica Fouclet, Brasil)


  1. No final” (João Victor Vitoriano Firmo,Brasil)


  1. De quando em quando” (João Victor Vitoriano Firmo,Brasil)


  1. A nitidez das sílabas” (Sara Timóteo, Portugal)


  1. Os do Restelo” (Sara Timóteo, Portugal)


  1. Confissões e Memórias” (Júlio César Freid’Sil,Brasil)


  1. Canção de Lilith” (Cristiano Vieira,Brasil)


  1. Voltas do Mundo”( Cristiano Vieira,Brasil)


  1. O tempo de quem vive o tempo filmando” (Micael Sousa,Portugal)


  1. Memória Maquiada” (Daniel Cerato Germann, Brasil)


  1. Morte Imatura” (Daniel Cerato Germann, Brasil)


  1. O Cineasta Português” (Lénia de Fátima Nunes Aguiar, Portugal)


  1. As Ondas” (Joaquim Semeano,Portugal)


  1. Ser lhe fiel...” (Isabela Casares Araújo,Portugal)


  1. Soneto ao artista” (Laélia Alencich Brandão,Brasil)


  1. Poema a Manoel de Oliveira: em véspera de domingo” (Maria Clara Veronesi de Toledo,Brasil)


  1. Manoel de Oliveira impressionável cordilheira” (Lúcia Helena dos Santos,Brasil)


  1. Não digas à Vida..., “Basta”!”( Maria Letra Londres,Reino Unido)


  1. POEMA A MANOEL OLIVEIRA” ( Maria Letra Londres,Reino Unido)


  1. Oliveira”( Wesley Jose Rodrigues Pio,Brasil)


  1. Poema a Manoel de Oliveira” (Suzana Travassos Valdez,Portugal)


  1. A Carta do Manoel de Oliveira” (Estêvão Filipe Chissano, Moçambique)


  1. Um homem e seus ideais...” (Ednaldo Mezzini de Sampaio,Brasil)


  1. Desfragmentação” (Fabíola Lopes, Portugal)


  1. Mês de Dezembro, numa fria noite...” (Angela M.C. Gaspar Caboz,Portugal)


  1. O Acto da Primavera” (Edweine Loureiro,Japão) [e tradução; and translation; y la traducción]


  1. Deixei de ter medo da morte de um cineasta(Carlos A.C.Liberal, Portugal)


  1. Descrição da Igreja de São Francisco de Ouro Preto” (Edson Amaro de Souza,Brasil)


  1. O pintor e a cidade” (Jaime Matamoros García, Espanha)


  1. Levanta” (AUGUSTO SANTOS DA CRUZ,Brasil)


  1. Viva esse espetáculo”(Maria Cristina Cacossi Capodeferro,Brasil)


  1. Mais de cem; ano por ano...”( Sebastião Geraldo Ferreira Gomes,Brasil)


  1. A grande mulher”(Lucy Coelho , Brasil)


  1. Eutanásia” (Journey Pereira dos Santos,Brasil)


  1. A Pedra Alada” (Journey Pereira dos Santos,Brasil)


  1. Inquietude” (António Manuel Vasconcelos Cabral Pinto, Portugal)


  1. Amor sem graça” (Thomas Marcondes,Brasil)


  1. Palhaço” (Thomas Marcondes,Brasil)
  1. Sinfonia de uma Saudade” (Vanda Lúcia da Costa Salles , Brasil)

100. "Na Travessia do Rio" (Alessandra Figueiró Froener, Brasil)


101. "André" (Samuel Barcellos Filho, Brasil)


     102. “O Cinema da Vida” (Ana Carolina Cerqueira Chaves, Brasil).


103. “Coisas da Vida” (Edu Lima, Brasil).


     104. “Garça” (Alberto Arecchi, Itália).


     105. “Solidão se fez mar” (Ribamar José de Oliveira Junior, Brasil).


106. “Terra Maldita” (José Carlos da Silva, Brasil).



Menções honrosas, Honores, Honors:


  • Caçada” (Edweine Loureiro,Japão)[e tradução; and translation; y la traducción]
  • Leonor” (CARLOS DALIGA,Brasil)
  • “Inês” (Edson Amaro de Souza,Brasil)
  • És o silêncio” (Elisângela G. Estevão, Brasil)
  • Valor de mundo” (Clarissa Damasceno Melo,Brasil)
  • Manoel de Oliveira, o grande cineasta “ (Josué da Silva Brito,Brasil)
  •  “ A Arte Vive!” (Vaguinho,Brasil)
  • Uma linda História” (André Calazans, Brasil)
  •  “Encontraço” (André Calazans, Brasil)
  • “As Películas de Oliveira” (Márcio Adriano Silva Moraes,Brasil)


Em nome da equipa que selecionou os poemas, Rui Carvalho e Hugo Caeiro, e ainda todos os que divulgaram este concurso, endereçamos os mais cinceros parabéns!

On behalf of the team that selected the poems, Rui Carvalho and Hugo Caeiro, and yet all who disclosed this contest, congratulations!

En nombre del equipo que seleccionó los poemas, Rui Carvalho y Hugo Caeiro, y sin embargo, todos los que se da a conocer este concurso, felicitaciones!

Até breve!

See you soon!

Hasta pronto!