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"Tales for The Ones in Love"

An international blog about literature, nature and hope. Here I include lyrics by Rui M. and the work of others. From 4th to 24th each month, new contributions sent to [AFTER AUGUST] are accepted. Periodical Art contests and Critics. Thanks. Arigatou

"Tales for The Ones in Love"

An international blog about literature, nature and hope. Here I include lyrics by Rui M. and the work of others. From 4th to 24th each month, new contributions sent to [AFTER AUGUST] are accepted. Periodical Art contests and Critics. Thanks. Arigatou


17 June, the 1st Place of the Poetry Category


Today, recalling the victims of fires in Portugal in 2017 and the actual fires in California, a photograph and the winning poem of the 2020-2021 International Nature Literature Competition are shared.


17June 2021.JPG




Resplendent in red,

      was he.

More modest,

      was she.


Wing to wing

      they stood on

the telephone wire,

      in seamless synchronization,


against a putty-gray sky,

      populated with

hurrying yellow

      and orange clouds,


thick and heavy as

      wet paint; a gusting wind

heralding the approaching



Heads, turning rapidly and

      sharply, speaking

their language of love

      and necessity,


while standing on the

      words, grasping at

the conversations of a different



both long-ago evolved    

      from a universal

common ancestor —

      as Darwin believed.





Main Results of Literary Contest Nature 2020-2021


It is with great happiness that we share the results of the International Literary Contest Nature 2020-2021 by “The Green Sparrows”:


Poetry Category


1st Place



2nd Place:

“A Quarantine Visitor” by Jill G. Hall (USA)


3rd Place (TIE):

“The Lord of the Words and the Gardener” by José Reis (Brazil)


"Invaders” by Jenny McCabe (UK)


“Stillness” by Carlton Holte (USA)


Honorable Mentions:

“Nature’s Renewal Plan (After the Pandemic)” by Alison Jennings (USA)


“What should always be” by Guillermo Arbe (Peru)


“Healing” by M. Tragicum (Portugal)


“A blooming morning on a tree’s branch” by Alexandra Bucur (Romania)


“Parts of Meditation” by Quinn Brown (USA)



Honorable Mentions (Best Short Poems):

“Araguaia River” by Deuzeli Linhares (Brazil)




Short Stories’ Category:


1st Place:

“March 24th, 2020” by Michaela Brady (UK)


2nd Place:

“Sparrow Spring Engineers” by Mi West (Sweden)


3rd Place (TIE):

“The Lost Village” by Subi Taba (India)


“One Thousand Two Hundred” by Quinn Brown (USA)


Honorable Mentions:

“Like a Bird” by David Ehrlich (Brazil)


“The Badger” by Daniela Albu (Romania)





In this Edition of the International Literary Contest Nature (2020-21) we would like to thank you to:

Maximum Potential Education

and the Adjudicators “The Green Sparrows” and “The Green Cat”.


We would also like to drop a few words about the works received. Today we disclose here the winners, but a few other works will be included in this year’s Anthology. The pieces of poetry and short stories received portray feelings about humanity, the relation with mother nature and, sometimes, the impact of the pandemics in our life. Nature always blooms during Spring and, for many of us, the results of this Contest are known during that season of flowers and hope. Nevertheless, it is always time to be in deep connection with nature. There is always a sunset to light our lives.

During the next weeks we will share here some of the winning works.

eng ok.JPG




Flower’s Perspectives


"Flower’s Perspectives", by Rui M.


In a long dale, a white dot.

Petals in a green sea…

Uncanny survivor: as if life, was corpsing,

when she is on stage of nature.



The flower dyes alone, she´s a ruin.

Ruination of white after white.



The flower is picked up and offered,

She´s heritage, of behaviors’ meanings.


If the flower is really, there, at the green dale,

Then possible is everything.




A poem...


Today we share a poem.


Suited in brown and white
he pokes the sand with pointed bill
for a breakfast of bugs.

He’s made tiny web-foot shapes 
in the sand, so many for such a small soul
and my footprints are as confounded as his.

Though, I took my breakfast elsewhere,
I suspect it was for his counsel
that I came.





International Literary Contest "Nature 2020-2021"


Nature is our mother. It is our baby crib to where we “return” everytime we feel we need comfort and renewed hope. Hope: that feeling made of insights into a peaceful, happy and green future and present.

A tree help us to see the good “flavors” of a garden with her shadow that protects us from our stellar parent: the Sun.

He is also the source of our energy, he is also the source of our poetry; and poetry, maybe just another way of living or another tool to live in community.

Today, Covid-19 make us feel like a prey, thinking in a new condition inside a world built by mother nature. Hope, to face this reality is needed more than ever and we will move forward albeit not ignoring this new “map of life” and new mindset.

Our Contest Nature 2020/2021 is a new opportunity that we, as organizers, create to reach the rest of the world. Every Contest is a challenge for authors participating and to people that make it happen. This year we prepare new relations of Nature and Love; Nature and Ecology; Nature and Energy; Nature and Friendship; Nature and Gardens; Nature and Cinema; Nature and Music and Nature and Family. Family, that fundamental asset during these pandemic times.

This year we would like to share with you some inspirational photos and “horizons” and we kindly invite all authors to visit the following places/websites:ês_National_Park




Additionally, we invite all authors to Honor one cinema director, for example, Hoody Allen, specially considering the eventual relationships of Nature with his work. The work by Hoody Allen is inspirational because he portrays many aspects of Human Nature. Nevertheless, you are free to even criticize his work. Who knows, for example, if there is still a human characteristic, so inspirational, that should take him to give us the pleasure to see a new cinema creation? A new screenplot?



Details of Regulation 2020-2021:

  1. Participation in this contest is free.
    2. Any person from any country can participate as long as they submit work written in English.
    3. Each participant can submit a poem, without limit of words, and a short story, with a maximum of 3000 words. 
    4. The works must be sent by e-mail to along with name, country, electronic contact. The subject of the email should be "International Literary Contest 'Nature - 2020-2021'". Line spacing: single spacing; Letter dimension: 12; Type of letter: Calibri; in the body of the e-mail.
    5. The participating authors agree to receive e-mails in the future that have as their main purpose to advertise future literary initiatives.
    6. Award-winning finalists are entitled to a digital certificate.
    7. All the selected poems will be published in anthology, which will be available in PDF format (possibility to exist in Windows), with a cost of 2.5 € (payment of a donation by PayPal). Award-winning authors are entitled to a free version.
    8. Author rights: authors have their rights over the works published, in order to publish as they want in any other place. The organization of the contest retain total rights over the published works in the context of the Anthology of the Contest or any other Anthology or collection of Short Stories they want to publish in the future or online in the websites of the Organizers.
    9. Contest starting 15 October 2020.
  2. Deadline for participation: 15 April 2021.
    11. Pre-finalists announced on 10 May.
    12. The final results will be announced on June 28 at and, when possible, at
    13. The first one of each category will be entitled to a prize: artwork (an A4 painting) sent by mail and the first three classifieds will receive a digital certificate.


If you need help with your English or writing skills this year we have special external writing help by Shmavon Azatian.












Synchronized Chaos (California – USA)


Rui M. at Tales for Love (Lisbon – Portugal)



Word Poetry (Canada)


Inspiring Photography



We thank you your participation in this Literary Adventure.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any question.