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"Tales for The Ones in Love"

An international blog about literature, nature and hope. Here I include lyrics by Rui M. and the work of others. From 4th to 24th each month, new contributions sent to [AFTER AUGUST] are accepted. Periodical Art contests and Critics. Thanks. Arigatou

"Tales for The Ones in Love"

An international blog about literature, nature and hope. Here I include lyrics by Rui M. and the work of others. From 4th to 24th each month, new contributions sent to [AFTER AUGUST] are accepted. Periodical Art contests and Critics. Thanks. Arigatou


Flower’s Perspectives


"Flower’s Perspectives", by Rui M.


In a long dale, a white dot.

Petals in a green sea…

Uncanny survivor: as if life, was corpsing,

when she is on stage of nature.



The flower dyes alone, she´s a ruin.

Ruination of white after white.



The flower is picked up and offered,

She´s heritage, of behaviors’ meanings.


If the flower is really, there, at the green dale,

Then possible is everything.




A poem "Concrete Paradises"


 Concrete Paradises, by Eliza Segiet


She wondered

how many children

were hiding behind the trees

in the orchard?

How many chicks have hatched

in the garden?


What’s left?


The birds flew away,

the children left with their grandchildren.

Even the cherry tree that always bloomed

begins to die back.


She understood that

everything in life has its course.


Some fight for nature,

others just pretend to do it.


There are also those

who love concrete paradises

- they do not let nature live.


For them, to have


– is more than to be.


Translated by Artur Komoter


Eliza Segiet graduated with a Master's Degree in Philosophy, completed postgraduate studies in Cultural Knowledge, Philosophy, Arts and Literature at Jagiellonian University.

Author’s poems Questions and Sea of Mists won the title of the International Publication of the Year 2017 and 2018 in Spillwords Press.

Nominated for the Pushcart Prize 2019, Naji Naaman Literary Prize 2020, iWoman Global Awards 2020

Author's works can be found in anthologies and literary magazines worldwide.


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Another poem. New times.


At the Zoo of Lisbon. 

Zoo 3 30 (1).jpg

En verde y gris

La ciudad que ignora la naturaleza
ignora la dádiva del oxígeno ...
La naturaleza que ignora la ciudad
ignora uno de sus bellos frutos ...

Cemento, arena, agua, clavo, acero frío,
movimiento, cena, pena, dolor, amor ...
Flor, planta, ave, humano, cóndor,
Todos, pedazo a lo largo del río ...

Entre la ciudad y el bosque
hay más en común que pedazos fríos:
Existe el calor del sueño,
sin tiempo, morada o resignación.

25 de abril de 2017


In green and gray


The city that ignores nature

Ignores the gift of oxygen ...

Nature that ignores the city

Ignores one of its beautiful fruits ...


Cement, sand, water, nail, cold steel,

Movement, supper, mourning, pain, love ...

Flower, plant, bird, human, condor,

Everyone, piece off the river ...


Between the city and the forest

There are more in common than chunks:

There is the heat of the dream,

No time, address or resignation!


25th April 2017




Poem and Lisbon's Zoo


A photo at the Zoo of Lisbon, 12th March 2020

Zoo 2 30 (1).jpg

Dyslexia semantics


There is the frustration of running but never coming.

The castration of creation asking for forgiveness.

The sudden impulse to not want to be in vain.

The sudden braking of who wants to lie down.


There is the inconsistency of loving life and death,

Whom by Destiny accepts such luck

And still the huge flower of the Alentejo

And the absence of those I no longer see.


But there is still the power of words

The strength of the spring that springs in summer

And the red blood red of my heart.


And there is the exchange of suffering for suffering

Through the eternal dawn, reborn,

Of whom it is for so long to write ...




Poem: White Flower


White Flower


I also have a white rose for you.

It's the most beautiful flower I've ever seen.

Their petals are sweet: eat them ...

Your color is pure: agree and observe ...


Take it carefully and believe.

Smell it and let it lift you,

By the cry of those who first see it,

By the resignation of those who let themselves be carried away.


But the stalk that gives it life has thorns.

And the white gets dirty faster ...

And you are tempted to drink wine with her ...


But, your beauty comforts us, does not it ?!

And its snow color is sweet and light,

Although his life is of stamens and brief ...




"Our Light and Pray" a Poem by Rui M.



Light of this year,
All over me
All over the sky,
Create on me eternal strength,
Make this happiness a state of mind
A Forest of lights spreading light,
Glowing whisper, enduring smile,
Let me be your pupil.
Darkness always eyes' opposite,
Sun, heat me with your art and heart.
An Art of iris' color, heart's emotions.
Mary Happy Time:
To all my friends, my readers :-)

Dezembro2019 Tales.jpg




"Red" a poem by Rui M.



Red is my blood, platelets,
as Autumn's leaves,
as my dreams, hopes,
from a breathing person,
who dies, lives, writes, fails, rewrites.

Red is a blue's opposite:
the blue's heat.
Is the irrigation of wings' veins, 
I ought to have, a sky would be,
dawn's color, the flame of life,
a desire of a peaceful heart, that
bombs red through time.

I am Red, even though
no eye can see it;
a dream is here, nobody can see it:
as my blood as my end.
And, maybe there's no end only stars.
And stars are a pipe dream of dreams.