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"Tales for The Ones in Love"

An international blog about literature, nature and hope. Here I include lyrics by Rui M. and the work of others. From 4th to 24th each month, new contributions sent to [AFTER AUGUST] are accepted. Periodical Art contests and Critics. Thanks. Arigatou

"Tales for The Ones in Love"

An international blog about literature, nature and hope. Here I include lyrics by Rui M. and the work of others. From 4th to 24th each month, new contributions sent to [AFTER AUGUST] are accepted. Periodical Art contests and Critics. Thanks. Arigatou


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We also kindly invite you to read a poem from "Nature 2018-2019".



THE NATURE (Brazil) by Luiz Pereira

According to christians ethic,
The earth was formless and empty,
In the perpetual darkness,
Without knowing daylight,
But there was the separation,
Bringing the earth a glare,
Thus was born night and day.
Composed of land and sea
Nature was born,
Next to the tire and the air,
The conditions emerged,
In the sky two luminaries,
Who has the obligation to guide,
When its night, when its day.
Thus came Life,
On the threshold of history,
The trained man,

Has strength and memory,
He was entrusted to
And all subjected him,
Both fauna and flora.
The nature is fruitful
Is source of contemplation
In it lies the righteousness,
And also the atonement,
For some it becomes primícias,
For others, the loss.
Study object,
From generation to generation,
But in was in ancient Greece,
Your best regards,
Anxious men, investigate,
What life gives principle,
Speculation began.
There are those who advocate water,
Other, the condensation,

Perhaps it is the unlimited,
And follows the conversation,
Another defends the rejunto,
Together, giving birth to an embryo.
The nature is life,
Is the word in transformation,
The beings fighting for life,
In a large selection,
The fit ones, have long life,
The is an assertive,
Of the law of evolution.
Today nature cries,
Because she is enslaved,
Fruit of human gain,
Increasingly devasted,
Living in anthropocentrism,
Carrying out the humanism,
Cosmogony and cosmology, are rejected.

The nature is a good,
Created by the unchangeable,
Beyond motive motor,
That everything moves and is never changed,
If it is that to many convene,
For me there is in the Big Bang,
That will replace you care.
The nature is sublime,
Whit is peaks and hills,
The grass and the summit of the hills,
A white haze falls,
And the sun always shines,
In the center of the universe to illuminate,
Of the God, his masterpiece: "The nature ".






International Literary Contest “Poems and Short Fiction for Nature – 2015”


The forest breaths and as a result the planet Earth also breaths, giving us the oxigen that we need to live. During the Winter, in the north of the planet, where the majority of the dry land exists, many trees lose their leafs and the carbon dioxide increases in the atmosphere producing a small increase in global temperature. During the Spring and Summer all the trees of the planet grow leafes and they capture carbon dioxide making the weather lightly fresher than it would be without their action.

To tell you the truth the trees are pressious everywhere, even if they are alone in a grey street of a city or together with a small group of other in a beautiful artificial garden. To grow a tree is to grow a friend, it is an act of poetry and who knows of the tales that the sun beams crossing their branches can inspire.

All the insects of the world and all the animals don’t care about written poetry because they have the visual poetry of flowers in a bed and the colorful grace of reefs. They purely enjoy the beautiful gifts of life!

But, do you know that if the mean world sea temperature rises by 2 degrees celcious that would cause serious damage to reefs? And do you know that the big secret of dogs is their friendship and friendly approach towards us? Certainly, you feel that every living creature is Nature; we are Nature and we also deserve a poem… To protect flowers is to protect us.

Life is special and this is the reason why we invite you to submit your best poem or your perfect tale.


We want to select 36 poems and 4 stories for an anthology that will be published as an e-book in Windows 8.


  1. Every person in the world can participate as long as the submitted work is written in English;
  2. Each person can submit one or two poems, with no word limit, and one story, with maximum 3000 words;
  3. The first prize is the software Scrivener for Windows or Mac;
  4. All the selected works will be part of the Anthology, that will be available for free for at least 100 countries;
  5. Entry minimum donation 1 Pound, 1.05 Euros or 1.10 USD per poem and 2 Pounds, 2.10 Euros or 2.20 USD per tale. The donation will be used to help partners, to plant trees and build a monetary prize for the next contest. Maximum donation accepted 10 Pounds, 11 Euros, 12 USD;
  6. Deadline date: 30 September 2015;
  7. By the end of October 2015 results will be announced at;
  8. The Anthology will be published during November 2015 and the first prize will be given as soon as possible;
  9. Works should be sent to Rui M. at  together with name, works, country and e-mail contact. Put "International Literary Contest “Poems and Short Fiction for Nature – 2015”" in subject line. Payment of the donation must be done using PayPal to .


Contest organizer:

Rui M. at Tales for Love


Competition Adjudicator:

Synchronized Chaos


Main sponsor:

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Finnally, we would like to kindly invite you to fill in the next questionnaire. It is a part of an academic study about working conditions to people and ultimately their happiness.

The questionnaire is anonymous and free!

So, why are you waiting for? Please prepare carefully your work and send it to us when you feel comfortable!

Kind regards,

Rui M.


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Christmas has arrived


Christmas has arrived. I is my favourite season. Why?! Well becuse this is the time of the year when children dream about magic, peace and cakes with sugar. It's all about lights, cribs, Santa Claus, Jesus, life and family... Last week died one person of my family. She was 93 years old... How precious she was and how precious are all we to each other.


We should all think about this. Please here your opinion. What do you think is Christmas about?


My gift to you are these two photos of Lisbon. Your gift to me is your opinion ... Don't forget to send it to me :-)


Follow this translation:

1st click on "to comment";

2nd select "Não tem blog no sapo" (you don't have a sapo blog);

3rd bellow "comentário" in the box, write what you want;

4th place the characters bellow "copiar caracteres" (copy letters and numbers)

5th click "publicar comentário"


And that's it!

Thanks and have a nice Christmas!