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"Tales for The Ones in Love"

An international blog about literature, nature and hope. Here I include lyrics by Rui M. and the work of others. From 4th to 24th each month, new contributions sent to [AFTER AUGUST] are accepted. Periodical Art contests and Critics. Thanks. Arigatou

"Tales for The Ones in Love"

An international blog about literature, nature and hope. Here I include lyrics by Rui M. and the work of others. From 4th to 24th each month, new contributions sent to [AFTER AUGUST] are accepted. Periodical Art contests and Critics. Thanks. Arigatou


Petals, music and International Literary Contest Nature 2020-2021


Dear Friends,
Today our Literary Contest continues and we share a new poem by Rui M. and share a song made of hope!


Pieces of petals in poetry


The last Winter's flower
Is the first of air ironies
As it is the Spring's precursor



A petal falls down... mistress

as slowlyslowlyas a breeze...

Turns aroundas a whirlwind

And I imagine myself at Hanami:
For shameI deny any pollution.
But who will believe my verse today?

The Nature's petal fells down happily...
Bright colour of hope I see in her...


You'll Always Find Your Way Back Home - Hannah Montana - FMCs | Disney HD - YouTube




Flower’s Perspectives


"Flower’s Perspectives", by Rui M.


In a long dale, a white dot.

Petals in a green sea…

Uncanny survivor: as if life, was corpsing,

when she is on stage of nature.



The flower dyes alone, she´s a ruin.

Ruination of white after white.



The flower is picked up and offered,

She´s heritage, of behaviors’ meanings.


If the flower is really, there, at the green dale,

Then possible is everything.




A poem...


Today we share a poem.


Suited in brown and white
he pokes the sand with pointed bill
for a breakfast of bugs.

He’s made tiny web-foot shapes 
in the sand, so many for such a small soul
and my footprints are as confounded as his.

Though, I took my breakfast elsewhere,
I suspect it was for his counsel
that I came.





Inspirational Poems


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Today, we would like to share two poems. 

“Bunches of Fruit” by Eliza Segiet (Poland)- translated by Artur
Komoter (Nature 2018)


My dream island
is soaked with the smell of
oleander, jasmine,
and in the gap between the cliffs
illuminated by the extent of azure.
Mine is
shapeless, bordered by sadness
and desire.
The sea gave up everything
it had previously received.
How much of the world is here!
A symphony of elements.
And where are the bunches of fruit?
I know.
They grow on trays
bedewed with memories of the tropics,
they look for shade
and tempt with the effusion of colors.


Joan Beebe (USA) - “A peaceful walk” (Nature 2018)

A renewal of spirit seems to take place
While following a path along a meandering brook.
Walking through a forest of beauty and serenity
One’s mind is filled with the sights and soft sounds
Of nature’s peaceful surroundings.
Time stands still and you are enveloped
Within the outstretched arms of trees as if
Welcoming a friend,
The brook we follow has a sound of its own –
Like a beautiful melody of joy.
For a few moments, one is mesmerized
By the feeling of being one with the
Natural rhythm of a forest so alive.
As the brilliant sun sends its golden rays
Upon the canopy of green above us,
One hears a quiet whisper of this forest –
It is the gentle wind flowing through the trees
And sheltering us as we finish our Peaceful Walk.






Inspiring Photos and poems


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We also kindly invite you to read a poem from "Nature 2018-2019".



THE NATURE (Brazil) by Luiz Pereira

According to christians ethic,
The earth was formless and empty,
In the perpetual darkness,
Without knowing daylight,
But there was the separation,
Bringing the earth a glare,
Thus was born night and day.
Composed of land and sea
Nature was born,
Next to the tire and the air,
The conditions emerged,
In the sky two luminaries,
Who has the obligation to guide,
When its night, when its day.
Thus came Life,
On the threshold of history,
The trained man,

Has strength and memory,
He was entrusted to
And all subjected him,
Both fauna and flora.
The nature is fruitful
Is source of contemplation
In it lies the righteousness,
And also the atonement,
For some it becomes primícias,
For others, the loss.
Study object,
From generation to generation,
But in was in ancient Greece,
Your best regards,
Anxious men, investigate,
What life gives principle,
Speculation began.
There are those who advocate water,
Other, the condensation,

Perhaps it is the unlimited,
And follows the conversation,
Another defends the rejunto,
Together, giving birth to an embryo.
The nature is life,
Is the word in transformation,
The beings fighting for life,
In a large selection,
The fit ones, have long life,
The is an assertive,
Of the law of evolution.
Today nature cries,
Because she is enslaved,
Fruit of human gain,
Increasingly devasted,
Living in anthropocentrism,
Carrying out the humanism,
Cosmogony and cosmology, are rejected.

The nature is a good,
Created by the unchangeable,
Beyond motive motor,
That everything moves and is never changed,
If it is that to many convene,
For me there is in the Big Bang,
That will replace you care.
The nature is sublime,
Whit is peaks and hills,
The grass and the summit of the hills,
A white haze falls,
And the sun always shines,
In the center of the universe to illuminate,
Of the God, his masterpiece: "The nature ".