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"Tales for The Ones in Love"

An international blog about literature and ecocriticism. Here I include my own lyrics, by Rui M. and also the work of others, from 4 to 24 each month 2018: new contributions sent to Periodical Art contests and Critics. Thanks. Arigatou

"Tales for The Ones in Love"

An international blog about literature and ecocriticism. Here I include my own lyrics, by Rui M. and also the work of others, from 4 to 24 each month 2018: new contributions sent to Periodical Art contests and Critics. Thanks. Arigatou


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Good day! It is with great joy and satisfaction that we announce to have a new initiative to reward the winner of our contest! In partnership with Croffee (, we will create a crowdfunding campaign to bring to Lisbon the winner to present their work to an audience! We can not guarantee the success of the campaign but we can guarantee our commitment! This is one more reason to participate!





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The first Chapter of “Ambrosia Chronicles: the Initiation”


The first Chapter of “Ambrosia Chronicles: the Initiation” is a transmuted continuation of the first book of this trilogy. Transmuted is the right word to express what I felt by the end of my reading because the main character, Alex, our unexpected hero, experience a new voyage in geographic space, to Paris, but also in feelings: her love blooms in this city, although it had been hurt, due to a heart that dreams awaken. I ask myself if mythology is “just” a matter of Gods but also a state of mind of lovers that look to each other and find themselves frightened by the dimension of their human magic...

Summing up, I look forward for the next Chapter. Will love prevail?


Please feel free to find this book at

Book 1 paperback:

eBook 1:

eBook 2:




Kind regards,

Rui M.


New inspiring photos:








part of the story "the hidden flavor of love" (translation of "O sabor oculto do amor")


The hidden flavor of love


They came in waves ... waves of cold and translucent tiny droplets, like sugar candy point, which languished when falling, brought together by the gentle wind that gave them as a whole, on a silver platter, the shape of a heart which, from the sky fall here in front of my window, whose glass protected me from the elements and gray of that day. That water, falling on the floor, did release the odor of wet earth and if I brought him to my taste, I swear by the almost love that motivated me at that moment, I would feel the intense chocolate flavor ...




This tale won a prize on 31 March by Alfarroba Publishers:


A poem without name 1


Tenuous tenderness made of proximity.

Shoulder near my shoulder. Microscopic

polyester threads, smelling like wool,

touching me without any humanity,

communicating through the tissues

till the dungeons of my heart,

were I stay and pray for all eternity.


January, 2012

A poem juicy like a lemon.



A Christmas carol - 1st Part


An enchanted fountain on Christmas

* * * The enchanted fountain * * *

The 12 of December had come, nevertheless I felt this magic

season arriving much time before. On that year, the special time of the

year that should be of joy, was of sorrow, because all of us were very

worried about the health of the little Leonor, the daughter of my eldest

sister. Leonor was just 4 years old. For the last two weeks my little

strawberry, as I used to call her, was not coming out of her bed. On a big

city, in a case of emergency, the medical support would be more quick

than on a small village. Due to this we were always much more


At the end of the day, already full night, when I was feeling

lonelier and apprehensive, I would pick up the motorbike and went

through mountains and valleys illuminated by the moonlight until I

arrived at Monte'Alto

a. The frozen wind of the journey and the ice, that I

knew, I would tread when I arrived, were not enough to stop me, because

at the top of the mountain the landscape was superb, that open space

lighted by the moon, the stars on the sky and a few lights on earth. Of

course that I could not arrive so high just to see the landscape, I usually

gave a coin to the Saint and seat near the enchanted fountain, where it

was said to appear a Princess. I was thinking about someone, my Princess

that had a name and was very far away studying at the big city, for almost

two years since I last saw her. Her mother had given me her contact two

days ago and told me that she was sick, but her studies were going well.

Due to all this, one of the persons for whom I was praying was her.

But what did she had of so special for me to give her the most

important title of the Kingdom of my heart?





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