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"Tales for The Ones in Love"

An international blog about literature, nature and hope. Here I include lyrics by Rui M. and the work of others. From 4th to 24th each month, new contributions sent to [AFTER AUGUST] are accepted. Periodical Art contests and Critics. Thanks. Arigatou

"Tales for The Ones in Love"

An international blog about literature, nature and hope. Here I include lyrics by Rui M. and the work of others. From 4th to 24th each month, new contributions sent to [AFTER AUGUST] are accepted. Periodical Art contests and Critics. Thanks. Arigatou


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We also kindly invite you to read a poem from "Nature 2018-2019".



THE NATURE (Brazil) by Luiz Pereira

According to christians ethic,
The earth was formless and empty,
In the perpetual darkness,
Without knowing daylight,
But there was the separation,
Bringing the earth a glare,
Thus was born night and day.
Composed of land and sea
Nature was born,
Next to the tire and the air,
The conditions emerged,
In the sky two luminaries,
Who has the obligation to guide,
When its night, when its day.
Thus came Life,
On the threshold of history,
The trained man,

Has strength and memory,
He was entrusted to
And all subjected him,
Both fauna and flora.
The nature is fruitful
Is source of contemplation
In it lies the righteousness,
And also the atonement,
For some it becomes primícias,
For others, the loss.
Study object,
From generation to generation,
But in was in ancient Greece,
Your best regards,
Anxious men, investigate,
What life gives principle,
Speculation began.
There are those who advocate water,
Other, the condensation,

Perhaps it is the unlimited,
And follows the conversation,
Another defends the rejunto,
Together, giving birth to an embryo.
The nature is life,
Is the word in transformation,
The beings fighting for life,
In a large selection,
The fit ones, have long life,
The is an assertive,
Of the law of evolution.
Today nature cries,
Because she is enslaved,
Fruit of human gain,
Increasingly devasted,
Living in anthropocentrism,
Carrying out the humanism,
Cosmogony and cosmology, are rejected.

The nature is a good,
Created by the unchangeable,
Beyond motive motor,
That everything moves and is never changed,
If it is that to many convene,
For me there is in the Big Bang,
That will replace you care.
The nature is sublime,
Whit is peaks and hills,
The grass and the summit of the hills,
A white haze falls,
And the sun always shines,
In the center of the universe to illuminate,
Of the God, his masterpiece: "The nature ".






Nature 2018-2019 - All Results at Once


Dear Authors and Friends,

We decided to publish today all the results of our Contest: Pre-Finalists and Finalists at once.

Congratulations to all the winners!




1 th - The Lady of Coram (Ireland) – by Claire O' Connell

2 nd - Paint Me (Mozambique) – by Stelio Filipe

3 rd - God the Rock (US) – by Janine Canan




1 th – Breathless (US) – by Mona Winston

2 nd - Very Precious! (Brazil) – by Odenir Follador

3 rd - The Warning (Brazil) – by João Araújo



More Selected Poetry


Humanity; Reconciling with Nature (Nigeria) by Chimezie Ihekuna


Totem (Poland) by Eliza Segiet

REDOLENT (South Africa) by Adiela Akoo

noi doi ne ciocnim OR we two collide (Romania) by Ion Calota

RAIN AND SALT (Italy) by Alberto Arecchi

PULSANT LIFE AT SEA (Brazil) by Tauã Rangel

THE NATURE (Brazil) by Luiz Pereira

Our hearts are roses (Brazil) by Lindalva Casteluber


LET THERE BE LIGHT! (Brazil) by Thayanne Silva

 Necessary (Brazil) by Leon Lus

YOUR LIGHT (Brazil) by Edilson Leão

LAW OF RETURN (Brazil) by Ilva da Silva

LOVE (Brazil) by Simone Souza

Song of the nature (Romania) by Savu Elena-Corina

I see one world (Brazil) by Beatrice Medrado

Toxic relationship (Brazil) by Beatriz Gomes

Embracing sky (Brazil) by Jeanete Shimara

Inspiration (Portugal) by Pedro Vale

To the nature (Bangladesh) by Md. Mahbubul Alam (John)

What a beautiful life! (Brazil) by Viviane Parreira




More Selected Short Stories


FOR AN INNOCENT LOOK (Brazil) By Thayanne Silva

It's just appearance (Brazil) by Adriani Alini da Silva




2nd July 2018 - Poetry and translation


This month we present the translation of two poems by Brazilian poets.


First the poem by Ricardo de Souza, mentioning a positive world made of love and peace, regardless the duties, doubts and uncertainties...


Yes, always yes, by Ricardo de Souza

I live in the world of duties, doubts, uncertainties, taxes,
I live in the world of wars, of individualism, with lack of ideas,
I live in the world of beautiful landscapes, kind people, balance, love and peace,
I live in the world where complaining does not solve,
I come to this world with the poor purpose of leaving the little knowledge I know,
I come to this world with the duty of change, innovation, vision of the future for the quality of life of many,
I come to leave my name written in the memory of those I can reach.


The same poem in Portuguese:


Sim, Sempre Sim


Vivo no mundo de deveres, dúvidas, incertezas, impostos,

Vivo no mundo de guerras, de individualismo, afogado na pobreza de espírito,

Vivo no mundo de paisagens bonitas, pessoas bondosas, equilíbrio, amor e paz,

Vivo no mundo aonde reclamar não resolve,

Venho a este mundo com o pobre objetivo de deixar o pouco conhecimento que sei,

Venho a este mundo com o dever de mudança, inovação, visão de futuro em prol da qualidade de vida de muitos,

Venho deixar o meu nome escrito na memória dos que eu puder alcançar.


 A poem by the Brazilian poet Maria Coquemala.


Light, my soul gets free and grows.
My soul that has never been so joyful,
who abandons this departing body.
       My soul transcends, advances in space ...
       Driven by the wings of desire, go to the infinite ...
       My soul goes through the rainbow.
       and is painted with the colors of joy.
All the painful memories are erased.
Silence for ever the voices of longing,
of sorrow, of pain, of suffering.
      They reveal themselves to my soul,
      the secrets of the Universe ...
      There are no unanswered questions.
      There is no longer body, agony and death.
And my whole soul, without cuts,
fulfill all my fantasies.
Reason and feeling merge in harmony.
     My walking soul advances in infinity
     unraveling paths in eternity.

Note: in the book "Pulsar" (2015), All Print Editora, São Paulo, Brazil


Original in Portuguese:



Leve, minha alma se liberta e cresce.
Minha alma que nunca esteve tão alegre,
que abandona este corpo que se esvai.
      Minha alma transcende, avança no espaço...
      Levada pelas asas do desejo, ruma ao infinito...
      Minha alma atravessa o arco-íris
      e se pinta com as cores da alegria.
Apagam-se todas as lembranças doloridas.
Silenciam para sempre as vozes da saudade,
da tristeza, da dor, do sofrimento.
     Vão-se revelando à minha alma,
     os segredos todos do Universo...
     Já não há perguntas sem respostas.
     Já não há corpo, agonia e morte.
E a minha alma inteira, sem recortes,
realiza todas as minhas fantasias.
Razão e sentimento se fundem em harmonia.
    Minha alma andarilha avança no infinito
    desvendando veredas na eternidade.

Nota: no Livro "Pulsar" (2015), All Print Editora, São Paulo, Brasil


Enjoy your readings and writings.



Concurso Literário - Literary Contest Manoel de Oliveira


Como homenagear um cineasta importante


O Sr. Manoel de Oliveira é o cineasta, em atividade, com mais idade! Com a idade de 106 anos continua a produzir um filme por ano! Um dos seus melhores filmes é “Vale Abraão”, ao mesmo tempo belo e melancólico mas, seria possível indicar muitos outros filmes interessantes. Ele é também um exemplo do que é pensar positivo, um verdadeiro exemplo para todos nós. É com o objetivo de homenagear este exemplo de trabalho e qualidade no trabalho que o convidamos a escrever pelo menos um poema, sobre ele e os seus filmes, na sua própria língua, e que nos envie para podermos seleccionar os 106 poemas mais interessantes. Vamos compilar os poemas selecionados numa Antologia Poética, que tenha 106 poemas selecionados, tantos quantos os anos de vida do Sr. Manoel de Oliveira, este ano!

Por favor, visite as páginas seguintes para saber mais sobre o Sr. Manoel de Oliveira e o seu trabalho:





O livro a produzir surgirá no format de e-book disponível em windows (computador) e windows phone (smartphone)!

Não demore! A submissão de poesia inicia-se a 1 de Janeiro de 2015 e termina a 28 de Fevereiro!

Esperamos divulgar os resultados a 5 de Março em:


Por favor, envie um ou dois poemas, com o assunto “Poema a Manoel de Oliveira”, para:

Juntamente com:

Nome; País; Contacto de e-mail;


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Esperamos publicar o livro até 10 de Março!

Feliz 2015! Tudo de bom!

A equipa do concurso!




How to honor a great movie director


Manoel de Oliveira is the oldest movie director still working! He is 106 years old and continues to produce one movie per year! One of his best movies was “Abraham's Valley”, moody and beautiful, but we could mention many others. He is also an example of positive thinking and an example to all of us. It is to honor this example of work and quality at work that we invite you to write a small poem, about him or his movies, in your own language, and send it to us.

Please visit the following websites to know more about Manoel de Oliveira and his work:





We will select 106 poems and produce an e-book of poetry that will be available for windows (laptop) and windows phone (smartphone)!

Please hurry up! The submission of poetry for this contest starts 1st January 2015 and ends 28th February 2015!

Results will be available 5 March at:


Please send one or two poems, with message’s subject “Poem to Manoel de Oliveira”, to:

Together with:

Name; Country; e-mail contact;


We expect to publish the book until 10 March!


Our international partners today:

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Art & Literature


Enjoy 2015! All best!

The team of the contest!