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"Tales for The Ones in Love"

An international blog about literature, nature and hope. Here I include lyrics by Rui M. and the work of others. From 4th to 24th each month, new contributions sent to [AFTER AUGUST] are accepted. Periodical Art contests and Critics. Thanks. Arigatou

"Tales for The Ones in Love"

An international blog about literature, nature and hope. Here I include lyrics by Rui M. and the work of others. From 4th to 24th each month, new contributions sent to [AFTER AUGUST] are accepted. Periodical Art contests and Critics. Thanks. Arigatou


Poetry and Hope


Es así


Es la luz de tus poemas

Que deslindo mil teoremas

Primero el del amor, después el del dolor

y por fin el de ese sideral calor.


Es por la luz de tu poesía

Que en esa tristeza melancólica

Siento la alegría paradójica

De quien sufre y está contento.


Y es así que desde la hombrera deseo,

Hechas a lápizes de colores, los colores de este mi amor,

Rendido al temblor poético de este ardor.


Soy finalmenete el allende aquende,

Sin nexo, sin nada mas solamente

Sinopsis de frío azul con la luz distante.


And so


It is in the light of your poems

That bypassing a thousand theorems

First of love, then of pain

And finally the heat of that sidereal.


It is by the light of your poetry

What in this sorrowful sorrow

I feel the paradoxical joy

Of those who suffer and are content.


And this is how the desire,

Made in colored pencil, the colors of this my love,

Rendered to the poetic tremor of this ardor.


I am finally beyond short,

Without a link, without anything else

Synopsis of the blue cold with the distant light.


Last Rose of Summer - (cover by Bevani flute)




A Poetry and a Prevention Advice




Alone, we are the deep abyss,

For the roads, pieces of nothing.

The monologue without interlocutor and

The lonely enchanted forest ...


Recently, there has been a lot of information on television regarding the use of alcohol to disinfect surfaces. One of these reports that alcohol must be 70% in order to be truly useful in killing covid-19.

It turns out that many people, including myself, bought 95 or 96% alcohol and therefore less effective. Therefore, the challenge is to transform 96% alcohol into alcohol with a concentration between 61% and about 70%. The fact that we buy a bottle with 96% alcohol means that it has a 4% portion of water and the rest is alcohol. Knowing this is a matter of making a simple account. That said, I suggest mixing, for example, 36 parts of alcohol (95 or 96%) with 14 parts of water or a different number of parts but maintaining the same proportion. The idea is to prevent the alcohol from evaporating too quickly, even before killing the virus. Water slows down the alcohol evaporation process.




Poetry, Music: Stronger than covid-19


Assente immaginaria

Tu, tu sei la mia assenza.
Quando scendono le tue parole,
Ti sento vicino alla mia porta.
Tu sei il fuoco, e dentro le mie labbra.

Forse il candore che riposa su di loro
è  il motivo per il quale io sento.
O l’affanno malinconico di colei/ di quella che osa.
Il tragico presagio dell'amore che sento.

Ma tu non sempre sei/ vieni con me.
Sei anche lontano!
Fiume tempestoso/agitato ... liberato!

Le parole,che ricordo, mi passano tra le mani.
Hanno ormeggi, ami e ganci!
Ma il vento li avvolge al sidereo lontano ...


Ausente imaginaria


Tú eres mi Ausente.

Cuando desojas tus palabras,

Te siento cerca, a mi puerta.

Eres el fuego, y dentro de mí cavas.


Tal vez el candor que sobre ellas descansa

Es la razón de lo que siento.

O el silbido lo melancolico de aquella que se atreve.

El presagio trágico del amor que siento.


Pero, no siempre vienes conmigo.

También eres lejanos distantes!

Rio revuelto ... suelto!


Palabras, que recuerdo, me pasan por las manos.

Tienen amarras, anzuelos y agujas!

Pero el viento se las lleva para el sideral lejos ...



Imaginary absent


You, you're my Away.

When you drop your words,

I feel you near my door.

You are the fire, and you are mine.


Perhaps the candor that rests on them

Be the reason for what I feel.

Or the hissing hiss of the dumb one.

The tragic presage of the love I feel.


But you do not always come with me.

You are also far away!

Rio uprooted ... loose!


Words, I remember, pass through my hands.

They have moorings, hooks and hooks!

But, the wind winds them to the sidereal far ...


The Mission - "Gabriel's Oboe" (cover by Bevani flute)





Another poem. New times.


At the Zoo of Lisbon. 

Zoo 3 30 (1).jpg

En verde y gris

La ciudad que ignora la naturaleza
ignora la dádiva del oxígeno ...
La naturaleza que ignora la ciudad
ignora uno de sus bellos frutos ...

Cemento, arena, agua, clavo, acero frío,
movimiento, cena, pena, dolor, amor ...
Flor, planta, ave, humano, cóndor,
Todos, pedazo a lo largo del río ...

Entre la ciudad y el bosque
hay más en común que pedazos fríos:
Existe el calor del sueño,
sin tiempo, morada o resignación.

25 de abril de 2017


In green and gray


The city that ignores nature

Ignores the gift of oxygen ...

Nature that ignores the city

Ignores one of its beautiful fruits ...


Cement, sand, water, nail, cold steel,

Movement, supper, mourning, pain, love ...

Flower, plant, bird, human, condor,

Everyone, piece off the river ...


Between the city and the forest

There are more in common than chunks:

There is the heat of the dream,

No time, address or resignation!


25th April 2017




Poem and Lisbon's Zoo


A photo at the Zoo of Lisbon, 12th March 2020

Zoo 2 30 (1).jpg

Dyslexia semantics


There is the frustration of running but never coming.

The castration of creation asking for forgiveness.

The sudden impulse to not want to be in vain.

The sudden braking of who wants to lie down.


There is the inconsistency of loving life and death,

Whom by Destiny accepts such luck

And still the huge flower of the Alentejo

And the absence of those I no longer see.


But there is still the power of words

The strength of the spring that springs in summer

And the red blood red of my heart.


And there is the exchange of suffering for suffering

Through the eternal dawn, reborn,

Of whom it is for so long to write ...




Poem: White Flower


White Flower


I also have a white rose for you.

It's the most beautiful flower I've ever seen.

Their petals are sweet: eat them ...

Your color is pure: agree and observe ...


Take it carefully and believe.

Smell it and let it lift you,

By the cry of those who first see it,

By the resignation of those who let themselves be carried away.


But the stalk that gives it life has thorns.

And the white gets dirty faster ...

And you are tempted to drink wine with her ...


But, your beauty comforts us, does not it ?!

And its snow color is sweet and light,

Although his life is of stamens and brief ...



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