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por talesforlove, em 19.01.10


As everyone knows there is a big need for aid for Haiti. Please help them ;)

All the best

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por talesforlove, em 19.01.10

3rd Part

* * * Sickness on Christmas * * *




My sculpture of Nativity also had a small fountain, in which I had

put a mirror to mimic the water. That fountain was the most strange

element of my sculpture of Nativity, all the other clay figures, the cattle,

the Kings and Saint Joseph, Holy Mary and baby Jesus Christ, were the

traditional characters of Christmas. Above the house where Jesus was I

also put a small light. Some sand together with the moss completed that

image. This year everything was at the bedroom of little strawberry, I

knew that she adored those images and as she was sick this was the only

way for her to see them. She was also surrounded by small Christmas

gifts that were brought earlier by Santa and baby Jesus Christ, just to help

her to get better sooner. After leaving the factory where I was working, as

a production supervisor of a small production, I used to buy biscuits,

honey and some medicines. To see the other children playing on the street

and asking when would they receive the gifts, or even asking what had

happen to Jesus, would just enlarge my anxiety. But, the doctors assured


that much patience was needed.

Luckily I could pay more drugs than the parents of little

strawberry. For me it was impressive how the poorest ones were so

ignorant about money issues. It was for the same reason, to help her

parents, that Madalena went to work at the same factory as I and just after

finishing school. As she was on a precarious situation, the boss tried to

abuse her, one day at the end of the afternoon. It was strange she was

taking to much time to arrive at the front door. Understanding that, I

decided to enter the already desert factory, I heard a scream at the office

and went there running, opened the door and when I entered I saw the

boss taking her dress off. Very disturbed I attacked him: — You nasty

pig! — Then we reached a deal I would get promoted and I would shut

my mouth to avoid a scandal. It was a dirty business, I already knew

about other situations when the victims would continue working without

telling a word. Through this deal the closing of the factory would be

avoided and also the misery of many families… Since then the situation

finished and there were no more problems.

I thought to myself that the boss was also sick. Clearly he was not

aware of the meaning of the word dignity but, that situation had had as

consequence my approximation to Madalena. During Christmas all the

memories had a special meaning and also the fact that many victims did

suffer and stood shut because they wanted to guarantee the paycheque of

their families. Nevertheless, I still remember Madalena on the floor

surrounded by her own blood, grabbing her ripped dress. I think I'm going

to remember this forever. Then Raquel arrived, she brought a new dress

and took her home.

A few years had been gone since this situation, and since she

went away to study but, this Christmas, I was very distressed again,

because of her. Raquel told me that her situation was far more

complicated than the one her mother wanted to admit. And I was too far

away… I felt I should go to visit her and Raquel could go with me.

Autoria e outros dados (tags, etc)

por talesforlove, em 07.01.10

About life and a new writer's adventure

Yesterday, I found myself bored with people. They almost never give a chance to peole they know... The life of a new writer can be difficult. Sometimes people simply don't want to know nothing about you and you get lost in the path of hope. I expect a new year with reasons to believe in the world... Have a nice 2010!

Autoria e outros dados (tags, etc)

por talesforlove, em 07.01.10

2nd Part

She was beautiful, but more than that she had a unique way of



being. I met her just three years before on a Sunday afternoon in August,

at a beach of Alva river. She and her sister, Raquel, were not usual visits,

but one afternoon was enough to met them at the esplanade, and that

changed my life. Her eyes caught mine as if calling me and almost

without explanation we could not see anything else more but each other.

Complicity grew up when we knew we were studying at the same school

and the same subject… and more than that, we were living in neighbour

villages, just three kilometres apart, but we had never seen each other

before. Raquel stood at the esplanade observing the reflexes of the sun on

the treetops, and I was teaching Madalena to swim somewhere along the

lesson, I kissed her and told her I wanted to be her boyfriend. Everything

was very quick, she admitted that was feeling the same but was not

prepared for such a serious relationship. It was better to stay like we were

because she was afraid of getting hurt. Of course I respected her feelings

and we never got separated again. Everything that was affecting one of us

would affect the other.

The story of the enchanted fountain also encouraged me to give

her that nobility title. There was a legend about a Princess, of a very old

Kingdom, that was in love with a young noble, that although of a good

heart and hard working spirit, the King was not confident about him

being his successor. But the Princess endless love kept her going there to

meet her noble, near that fountain. Nevertheless, a spy told everything to

the King and he demanded the noble to be decapitated, and the Princess

did not know anything. Also it was demanded to be put a piece of paper

near a fountain. The Princess read the note and noticed that it was forged

and got suspicious about everything. Then she decided to continue to visit

the spring water, at the same hour, during the following days after that on

every Tuesday, of all weeks of her life, always when she was missing her


Months after, feeling extreme pain, told to God that she was not

accepting having to experience that pain and because of that, after her

death, she would go to that special place to keep the same from

happening to someone else. In the meanwhile, by death of the King, she

became Queen, she demanded a fountain to be built on the same place of       

the spring water and married a noble, that she did not love, just to

guarantee the succession of the throne. Nevertheless, one night when she

went to the fountain, she was surprised by a group of bandits that killed

her. Before that, she was robbed and they tried to rape her, but a very

strong and cold wind appeared, although being June, and they just had

time to behead her. After that she continued to visit the fountain but as an

inhabitant of the other world… the guardian of the beloved ones that

would elect her fountain as their meeting place…


Autoria e outros dados (tags, etc)

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