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por talesforlove, em 18.12.09

A Christmas carol - 1st Part

An enchanted fountain on Christmas

* * * The enchanted fountain * * *

The 12 of December had come, nevertheless I felt this magic

season arriving much time before. On that year, the special time of the

year that should be of joy, was of sorrow, because all of us were very

worried about the health of the little Leonor, the daughter of my eldest

sister. Leonor was just 4 years old. For the last two weeks my little

strawberry, as I used to call her, was not coming out of her bed. On a big

city, in a case of emergency, the medical support would be more quick

than on a small village. Due to this we were always much more


At the end of the day, already full night, when I was feeling

lonelier and apprehensive, I would pick up the motorbike and went

through mountains and valleys illuminated by the moonlight until I

arrived at Monte'Alto

a. The frozen wind of the journey and the ice, that I

knew, I would tread when I arrived, were not enough to stop me, because

at the top of the mountain the landscape was superb, that open space

lighted by the moon, the stars on the sky and a few lights on earth. Of

course that I could not arrive so high just to see the landscape, I usually

gave a coin to the Saint and seat near the enchanted fountain, where it

was said to appear a Princess. I was thinking about someone, my Princess

that had a name and was very far away studying at the big city, for almost

two years since I last saw her. Her mother had given me her contact two

days ago and told me that she was sick, but her studies were going well.

Due to all this, one of the persons for whom I was praying was her.

But what did she had of so special for me to give her the most

important title of the Kingdom of my heart?





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por talesforlove, em 18.12.09

Christmas has arrived

Christmas has arrived. I is my favourite season. Why?! Well becuse this is the time of the year when children dream about magic, peace and cakes with sugar. It's all about lights, cribs, Santa Claus, Jesus, life and family... Last week died one person of my family. She was 93 years old... How precious she was and how precious are all we to each other.


We should all think about this. Please here your opinion. What do you think is Christmas about?


My gift to you are these two photos of Lisbon. Your gift to me is your opinion ... Don't forget to send it to me :-)


Follow this translation:

1st click on "to comment";

2nd select "Não tem blog no sapo" (you don't have a sapo blog);

3rd bellow "comentário" in the box, write what you want;

4th place the characters bellow "copiar caracteres" (copy letters and numbers)

5th click "publicar comentário"


And that's it!

Thanks and have a nice Christmas!




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