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"Tales for The Ones in Love"

An international blog about literature, nature and hope. Here I include lyrics by Rui M. and the work of others. From 4th to 24th each month, new contributions sent to [AFTER AUGUST] are accepted. Periodical Art contests and Critics. Thanks. Arigatou

"Tales for The Ones in Love"

An international blog about literature, nature and hope. Here I include lyrics by Rui M. and the work of others. From 4th to 24th each month, new contributions sent to [AFTER AUGUST] are accepted. Periodical Art contests and Critics. Thanks. Arigatou


A new tale - Part 1 - That Butterfly



I had just read a small tale of an ancient Chinese wise man who wrote down

his dream in which he was a butterfly. He presented it

with an intriguing aura, but for me it was just an

unusual dream. Still, suddenly I started to think that

while seeking you I could visit that garden where I last

saw you. So involved by the thoughts I was, that I

started to see those imaginary butterflies that inhabited it.

They had beautiful wings, ones with brown colours and shiny

reflections, others had transparent wings with

different blue tones. Then I looked attentively at them and

saw one with your face... astonished by this revelation and

starting to worship that insect, I woke up suddenly from

my day dream... a real butterfly fell down

into my soup. I was having my dinner...

But, I continued to wonder what I would do, in my dream, if

it didn't end.


Do you know that:


About 2% of the radiant energy of the sun that reaches the earth is absorbed by plants... It is estimated that it takes about 30,000 years of continuos plant growth to form a 1 m thick leans of coal.


The effect of pollution on a river depends both on the nature of the pollutant and the unique characteristics of the individual river. Some of the most important characteristics include the volume and speed of water flowing in the river, the river's depth, the type of bottom, and the surrounding vegetation. Other factors include the climate of the region, the mineral percentage of the watershed, land use patterns, and types of aquatic life in the river.




Why this book is environmentaly friendly?

Because:i) is a POD-Product On Demand (only the bought books are produced) and ii) all romances are related to nature!


Ecosystems are communities of organisms that interact with one another and with their physical environment, including sunlight, rainfall, and soil nutrients. Organisms within an ecosystem tend to interact with one another to great extent than do the organisms between ecosystems.
Within each ecosystem are habitats, which are defined as the place where a population of organisms lives.
By 1969 the five kingdom system to classify organisms was presented. These kingdoms are: animals, plantae, fungi, protista and monera.


Invisible tale (complete)





Tranquillity is like a day without wind: a free heart.

The gardens, along the street, are green in high Summer, and on the stairs of the buildings, girls play flutes without noticing who passes by. It's a subtle unconsciousness: a path always different or always equal, as long as it is felt as such or not. It is everything that to somebody might be nothing. It is the peace of going to the beach… during a day of the week. It is the possibility to sleep when others wake up. It is also being in pyjama at 7 o'clock in the afternoon.

Tranquillity only wants to be happy. And I look at her when she passes next me, always slowly, without hurry. Confident, without seeming to do much… but she does: she lives. During the day she speaks and laughs and at night, after looking through the window, she goes to sleep. And if she dreams, imagines the next day, or maybe not, she remembers the joy of the day. I don't know... I imagine her like this…


Even when I put my key on the lock of the door of my house, I still look behind, to see her once more. But, tranquillity, already goes away, right next to a not very far away corner. And I take a deep breath, tranquil, because I know that she will pass there again on the next day, tranquil, serene, as always. If she doesn't pass, she too doesn't need it, she already goes with me, on my breast, I just can't see her… I just feel her.



The end


Invisible Tale


Environment 1

World Website Directory

I think that it would be very interesting to talk here about some notions about the environment. For Mackenzie D. and Susan M., "whereas the disciplines of biology, chemistry, and physics (and their subdisciplines of microbiology, organic chemistry, nuclear physics, etc) are focused on a particular aspect of natural science, environment science in its broadest sense encompasses all the fields of natural science."

Do you know that "the law of conservation of energy states that energy cannot be created or destroyed"?

We should know how to protect nature and conserve energy. ;)


Complete tale "The Wind Beyond the Cape" - Conto "O vento além do cabo"



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Solar used to swim there. Her long hair was getting mingled with the algae of the sea. Her hair was bright, like painted by numbed sun beams, that could not be tamed by the waters of the sea, that gently swung her, as if she were on its lap. Sometimes, she would pursue a shoal, trying to catch some fish, with her quick hands, made of soft thin skin, coloured of white sweet milk with honey; and sometimes, she swam gently together with sluggish whales, without any hurry. She used to swim, and run after something, throwing bubbles in the air, playing with star-fishes on the white sand at the very bottom of the sea, and used to fill in her lungs of air on the surface. She also loved to hear the music of the waves.


One day, when she was coming to the surface to breath, moving her fin as quick as possible, she felt something hindering her movements, and as she was unable to identify what it was she tried to grab it and threw it as far as possible… it was transparent. Twisted herself, grabbed her hair, shrieked, whirled, injured herself and at last, at the surface, she put her hands on that thing, watching the shore through it with its many trees, right above a white line of sand, that was a part of a giant beach… Panting, threw away that translucent body that the water seemed to catch… She didn't even notice that behind her, only 20 metres away, there was a ship of white sails and of a very small hull. On that ship, the one crew-member saw her on the exact moment that the strange object was falling in the water, after being thrown at least 5 metres away. He called his girlfriend.

— Maria! Come here quick! There is a mermaid over there and she has just thrown a plastic bag full of water! Quick!!

Maria and Solar, both heard him, and Solar before someone could see her again, dove and swam away from the boat. She looked at a far, and astonished and confused, as if she had never before seen men. That one seemed ok but strange… and was walking above something, with very sharp sticks where there were thin objects hanged, with very thin and white algae, where the wind was blowing…

— Aren't you imagining things?! Mermaids don't exist and you are very tired. Let's go! — Maria had nothing to do, she wasn't even interested on the plastic bag and besides that the wind was blowing on their direction, they could use the opportunity to return home. Nevertheless, that vision of Samuel wasn't good to her because she was very jealous and did not know how to swim, but that woman knew.

Meanwhile, as Maria was trying to convince Samuel to return, Solar approached them. She was then very close and listening what they were saying.


— But Maria, believe in me! I saw her playing with a plastic bag… one of those you usually throw away!

— What ?! Are you saying that the fault is mine? No! Lets go away right now! You know that I can't swim and I'm getting nervous with your visions! — She didn't understand but she was already screaming.

— Hinnnn!!!!! — Solar was disturbed with all that shouting and decided to try to speak with them, but that sharp shriek was not understandable. They stood still looking at her and then she dove slowly, so slowly that it was possible to see her tail vanishing in the waters, scale after scale, reflecting various tones of green and blue, and the sun reflected on them, as if it was reflecting the colours in colourful crystals.

— Did you see that?! — Asked Maria.

— Yes, I saw. — Answered Samuel, marvelled.

— It was like the colour of snake scales. — Maria was horrified and pale as snow. But, Solar returned to the surface with some algae on her hand and smiled, as if she was willing to offer it to them, showing affection.

— I don't believe. What in the world that stupid creature is doing there?!

— Hum, it looks like she is trying to offer us something. — He leaned over and stretched his arm, as someone who was going to grab the algae.

— Don't do it! It can be dangerous! — Maria begged.

Solar stretched her arms as an offering tribute. He grabbed the algae and touched her fingers, still feeling the amazement and wonder of being in the presence of a mermaid…

— I'm going to bring something to her... Wait here. — Maria went to revolve the fridge, took a piece of bread with honey and added pepper to it. Returned, fearing for herself, but, outstretched her hand, offering that dangerous gift, without Samuel taking notice of it, although he was astonished by such sympathy towards that strange "person", that had just appeared where company was least expected… But, the gentle wind, seemed to lift Maria’s hair, on Solar's direction.


— Isn't she pretty? — Asked Maria, as if questioning what she already knew it was true.

— Yes, she is...

— Hiiiiii! — As Solar ate the bread, started to shriek in agony and could not stop. She got frightened, and swam away in a hurry running far from the boat, as if she were an imprisoned fish in a sandbank of a shallow river.

— I can not believe it! You poisoned her! — Shouted Samuel.

— Yes, I should have done that, but I've just put pepper on it.

— But you could have poisoned her! Maybe pepper can kill her, we don't know!

— You seem to be more worried with her, a stranger that came from where we don't know, than with me. I'm very disappointed with you. — Answered Maria with an angry face and he stood looking at her. She was right, after all he didn't love her any more, but it was to try to improve their relationship that they were there. But, everything had been in vain. If that stranger had done such a damage then everything was ruined between them.

— Say something! You don’t have anything to say anymore! — Insisted Maria.

Samuel took a seat at the prow, controlling the sail with a rope. He was still shaken by what he saw and felt. He knew that unless he returned there alone, he could not return, because no one would accompany him. One day, he knew, he would return. Maybe it would not take much time…

Solar just wouldn’t leave that place, she was looking for her friends of the food that tickled on her throat. Sometimes, at the beginning of the afternoon, she would take a seat on a rock at the seashore, looking to the horizon, on the sea. The dolphins were jumping, next to the cape, at the extreme end of the beach, and far away, above them, it was possible to see a strange object, just like the one where that man was standing, just a few days ago. The only difference was that this object was in the sky… Maybe they would come in a cloud… and just landed in the waters. Maybe it was only needed to wait a few days, until they decide to descend again… The wind was comforting her: gentle and slightly more than mild.


The end


Not very far away from Lisbon is Cape of the Roca, the most occidental peace of land of the European continent. A beautiful place to visit in the Summer...


The end of "The Blow"/Segunda parte do conto "O sopro"


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Suddenly, a stronger breeze of wind passed through my ears and I seemed to hear a voice: — Are you, my love…
In the start of the impossible, I opened my eyes. My chest was jumping, affected by the faster beats of the heart, anguished by the confirmation of the voice brought by the wind.
— It can only be you, my love…
I sat on the bed, took a deep breath and stood more attentive to the sound, of course I couldn't hear anything more than the wind. It was impossible to hear a voice so close…

To loosen up, before returning to bed, I went to the window and on my way there I felt several nuances of heat, some of those hot and humid. From the window I couldn't see anything more, just some shadows, and the trees waving very slowly. I took a deep breath… and said to myself: — Enough of imagination! It's time to rest.
It was then that the wind stopped and on my back I felt someone trying to open the door and heard: — Do not ignore me!
I looked behind and frightened I jumped from the window, stood up and ran to the middle of the bushes of the garden. One shadow was now looking on several directions, through the window, stood in my direction, had a quick jump and told me: — You will not escape!
I fixed the left foot on the floor and, with a jump, I started to run to the forest, the hot air of the night touched my body, I felt the stems cracking under my feet and others on my face. I couldn't neither see around me nor keep away all the stems and it was now hard to hear any noise that came from my persecutor. Maybe it was due to the wind… That started again to blow as if pushing me afterwards.
It was 20 minutes running, as if in an athletics competition. My chest hurt, I couldn't breathe enough and the sweat was falling from my face and spreading all over my body. The sound of the wind, as I was running, slowly merged with the bright and vibrant sound of the nearest river, situated very far away from home. Knowing this, I slowed down. I had to rest. But I stumbled in a trunk that I hadn’t seen, I didn't hurt myself, but fell and heard a strangely creepy and familiar voice too close to me . — I caught you!

I screamed — No!
Started to run and stopped at the river side. Not even the white sand was reflecting any luminosity of the night…
— How could you forget what we had settled?
Said someone, with tearful voice, just a few metres to my right. I looked with fear… my body almost didn't obey and I didn't believe what I was seeing: a woman's face, with long and curly hair, standing up in my direction… but, I couldn't distinguish her face. Due to that I walked to her, but I couldn't get closer, it was like I hadn't moved.
But, I don't remember we had settled anything… sorry.
How?! You don't remember?! We spoke in a dream last Friday…
In a dream… I remembered, as one who opens a window and sees the unexpected, I had dreamed with a woman that I saw at the river one single time, a few days before and, in that dream, I had settled for us to meet at the same hour of the dream, last Friday, at the fluvial beach where we had met.
— I must be crazy!
I said, and ran to her. But, she disappeared and I just heard: — He will kill you.
The man's visage came out from the shadow of the alders, which was thick like black and sweet cotton… and ran to me with something in his hand. Without hesitation, I held a stone and threw it with success! The man stood on the floor seated with his hands on his head… In the meanwhile, I ran to the highest rock of the river, following carefully and always straight up along the river the old track, witness of many failed romances. The voice was running after me: — You played with me! I don't forgive you!
I stopped just before reaching the top, from which it was possible to see the shadow that was covering all the river and I screamed from the top of my lungs: — Where are you? Show yourself…
Until my throat became sore, and because I had screamed too much, my voice was already rough as that of a cock who welcomes the new day of a frozen winter. I just saw a visage, galloping, at the strand… the man was coming at me.
I fell down on my knees… — Now I remember. Forgive me.
My voice left my mouth as a fragile murmur of a terminal patient. Not even all the water on my face was sweat and in my panting chest, the wind was mixed with my breath. — You told me in dreams that you loved me, and after that you forgot me… How was that possible?!...
With the joy of hearing that voice again, mine got slightly stronger: — I didn't believe that I could live a love like this, anymore.
— I'm going to get closer to you… to feel what you feel.
Said that woman who placed her soft hand on my shoulder. I looked at my shoulder and saw her hand… soft and white, and part of the sleeve, white, long and fallen, was it made of silk? I fainted of fear and happiness… and woke up again on my bed… my body was hurting…
— Come to me next Friday, at 8 p.m. at our rock, my love.
I heard the voice brought by the wind and answered: — Certainly my love, I will never forget you.
Then I heard a real voice saying: — I place this photo on your night table, so that you won’t forget me.
The moonlight suddenly appeared and the night became happy with the shinning of the waters of the river. The dream was real.

The end


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