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Dez 16

We are very happy to anounce that the e-book: "Rainbow Flavours and Other Scents" by Shmavon Azatyan is already available for sale, for only 1.50 EUR. Shmavon Azatyan is the winner of the Literary International Contest "Nature 2015".

The book is a collection of 15 poems and 8 original photos.


“The Armenian poet Shmavon Azatyan builds a gift made of poetry that creates on us a deep feeling of astonishment when staring at the small details of nature. Love is everywhere, specially when inspired by nature. His poetry seams to emanate from a spring of poetic dreams.”


Please follow the link and send 1.50 EUR (click "seguinte"), then you will receive the book after a few hours.



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Out 16

Here you can find a sample book by Shmavon Azatyan, winner of the Nature 2015 Contest.

Please contact the author to have the full length book.




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Abr 16


by Shmavon Azatyan



You are the heavenly island

I swim to                                                           

to be harbored

from the gloating of all world.


The sea is cold,

day is gloomy,

I’m numb -

my feelings turn frigid.

Yet you

have power on my heart.


I toil to you;

the autumn day sinks

beyond the high waters -

life draws away,

and the jump of

the blindfold lightening

speckles my anticipation.


And then the predisposition

I divine

in your manner

loses its advantage. 


The time

we at last come to speech

the island has gone. 


In between you and I

seas lie laden with somber skies;

only the anonymous topography

we’ve both cared to observe

is what can lead us

to one another.

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