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Ago 17


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Mai 17

Because the Portuguese Song “Amar pelos Dois” won the Eurovision Song Festival here we share the lyrics and two animation videos with this song! Enjoy!


Translation of the lyrics into English:


Two animations:


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Jun 16

You need a good opportunity to learn Portuguese?

This is an excellent collection of jokes in Portuguese. If you are learning Portuguese here is an opportunity to know more about the local culture but, in Portuguese.


Just follow the link and to install the App click "Get the app"


All best!

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Dez 14

Fonti e colline chiesi agli Dei;

m'udiro alfine,

pago io vovro,

ne mai quel fonte co'desir miei,

ne mai quel monte trapassero


"I asked the Gods for hills and springs;

They listened to me at last.

I shell live contented.

And I shall never desire to go beyond that spring,

nor shall I desire to cross that mountain."


"Eu pedi aos Deuses montes e fontes;

Eles ouviram-me finalmente.

Eu devo viver satisfeito.

E eu não devo jamais desejar ir além daquela fonte,

nem deverei desejar atravessar aquela montanha."


Sei Ariette I: Malincolia, ninfa gentile

de Vincenzo Bellini


Translation into Portuguese by Rui M.

Tradução para Português por Rui M.

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