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Mai 17

Because the Portuguese Song “Amar pelos Dois” won the Eurovision Song Festival here we share the lyrics and two animation videos with this song! Enjoy!


Translation of the lyrics into English:


Two animations:


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Abr 17


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Abr 17

Coldplay - Hymn for the Weekend (Official video)


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Fev 17

A poem about nature...



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Jan 17

Dear Authors, Dear Friends,


We are very happy to share with you the winners of the “International Literary Contest Nature 2016”.

Also, we announce the works that will be included in the Anthology of this year.


The big winner for Short Story category is:

“See a Different Picture” by Vandini Sharma, India

An entertaining, elegantly written, complex and profound story about human beings and Nature.


The winning poems are:

1st “Do We Simply Stand and Watch?” by Michelle Yue, USA. A clear-sighted poem about the destruction of Nature.

2nd “A Lost Planet” by Grace Heblok, from Australia, is a deeply felt prose poem that speaks for the Earth.

3rd “The Secret World of Nature” by Joan Beebe, USA, expresses the beauty, peace and gratitude we experience when we merge into Nature.


This is the listing for all the works that will be included in our Anthology Nature 2016:


“Patron Saints”, poem by Nev Gardner, USA

“Trees”, poem by Grace Heblok, Australia

“On the ruins of love”, poem by Serena Saab, Lebanon

“Marbles & Stones!”, poem by Vijay Chacko, North Ireland, India

“WHAT HAVE WE BECOME”, poem by Norman Datt, Canada

“Beautiful Disaster” and “Degas' Lantana”, poems by Andre M. Stillman, USA

“Eager to Live”, short story by Franklin Maurice, South Africa

“A Prostitute is not a Material Tool” and “Books of untold Negroes”, poems by Franklin Maurice, South Africa

“The Tears of Nature”, short story by Corina Savu, Romania

“I prayed for healing, but it didn’t come”, poem by Remona W. Winston, USA

 “Into the Mystic”, poems by Jac Shortland, Ireland

“Striking Back”, short story by Chan Si Jie, Singapura

“A broken leaf” and “The deaf and dumb, sense of togetherness”, poems by Kilol Gupta, India

“November Blue”, poem by Claire O' Connell, Ireland

“In Bed”, poem by A.F. Winter, USA

“WHAT HAVE WE BECOME”, poem by Norman Datt, Canada

“Studying Wildlife”, poem by Patricia Horn O’Brien, USA

“Rust red the March wood stands.”, poem by Michael Milano, USA

“FOOTPRINTS” and “GROOVIN`”, poems by Ana Nedelcu, Romania

“-Seedling-“, poem by Muthoni Tenn, USA

“Architecture”, poem by Anda Peterson, USA


“The soul of Nature” and “Will we meet again?”, by Sruthi Denny, India

“Beautiful Nature in Life”, poem by Mahbubul Alam John, Bangladesh


Thank you for all your effort and valuable work.

The Team

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Fev 13


My royal blue is only your colorful wood house

Worm place, where I can find your ivory arms

Someday, I am certain, you will be my spouse

But today we are golden lovers in arm’s


The many small clay tiles in the roof are poppy red

The wall, of exotic wood: India yellow

The views of that evenly place: perfectly mellow

More if my lips touch yours. Blood: vermilium red.


Our deep lake near the house has waters sap green

Reflecting the phthalo blue and indigo of sky

Also the trees' colors with those fruits we are keen


Everything perfect when I see your eyes

If I don’t, then, my face is mineral white

And caput mortuum abandon our skies



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Ago 12

Dear friends, I'm on holidays but I'm writing a new poem... I belive next week the new poem is posted here, together with a few new photos.

Please be patient.


Caros amigos, embora eu esteja de férias encontro-me neste momento a escrever um novo poema o qual, juntamente com algumas novas fotografias, espero colocar neste espaço durante a próxima semana.

Por favor aguardem.


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Ago 12

Little raspberry.

How would be the Summer without you?

Your pure red and your leafs' contour lines?

A heat without hope?

I love you... with the same strength I love the sky.




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Jul 12

The inopportune poem tells us

what we don't want to hear.

Is like salt in the eyes:

nobody wants to see it. Its

taste is poisonous. Its success rare.

Secret soul.

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Jun 12

Roofs where chocolate spreads,

bricks with the colours of scarlet faces. River,

that spreads in tones of silver, reflexes

of sun and light inviting us to a serenade.

Cheese cake that melts secretly in the mouth,

near exotic flowers whose
glimpse kills.

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