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Out 17


Is there poetry in this movie?

We must look ...


Have a nice day.




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Jul 17

Cinema Critique: Les Délices de Tokyo by Rui M. Carvalho (30 May 2017)


Full of poetry, Les Délices de Tokyo, a movie directed by NAOMI KAWASE, is a film that imprisons us inside the screen. Gradually we forget everything around us, until we almost refuse to be confronted with the end of this wonderful piece of art.

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Mai 17

 It will be available at Synchronized Chaos


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Abr 17



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Abr 16

Small essay about this movie is available at



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Abr 15

Hoje é um dia diferente por um motivo triste. Mas, recordemos a beleza do cinema. Fica um filme recente de Juan Pablo Zaramella, que, embora recente, utiliza alguns motivos, e técnicas utilizadas pouco antes e ainda quando o Sr Manoel de Oliveira começou a trabalhar no cinema.


Um filme que o Sr. Manoel de Oliveira gostaria.

A movie, from Juan Pablo Zaramella, that Mr. Manoel de Oliveira would like.

Um abraço. A Hug.

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Jul 14

All this, I saw there, over the closed pages, letters fermenting life and keen eyes to deserve to live it. I explain: it is like we wanted to feel a movie without seeing it, it's free cadence, emotionally rational during a visit, that though pleasant, makes us feel captives and prisoners, unpleasantly afraid of losing that piece of utopia ...

After all, what sense has the logic, when we succumb to the charm of a summer feel, between poetic smells of modern printers? But at the end of the day, after the H Hour, the music of Franz Liest brought me back, despite the fear, to the enchanted world of "real" things ...

[the end, by now]

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