An international blog about literature and ecocriticism. Here I include my own lyrics, by Rui M. and also the work of others, from 10 to 14 each month 2017: new contributions sent to Periodical Art contests and Critics. Thanks. Arigatou

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Here you can find a sample book by Shmavon Azatyan, winner of the Nature 2015 Contest.

Please contact the author to have the full length book.




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Jul 16


 Enjoy your writing!

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Dez 15

Dear Friends,

The Anthology of the Contest is already available as an e-book!

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Also we would like to inform you that the book in English that led to the creation of this blog is available for sale at Museu do Fado in Lisbon.

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The book is entitled "Tales for the Ones in Love" and the author is Rui M.

It contains short stories and two poems in 112 pages.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


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Jul 15

Good day! It is with great joy and satisfaction that we announce to have a new initiative to reward the winner of our contest! In partnership with Croffee (, we will create a crowdfunding campaign to bring to Lisbon the winner to present their work to an audience! We can not guarantee the success of the campaign but we can guarantee our commitment! This is one more reason to participate!





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The first Chapter of “Ambrosia Chronicles: the Initiation”


The first Chapter of “Ambrosia Chronicles: the Initiation” is a transmuted continuation of the first book of this trilogy. Transmuted is the right word to express what I felt by the end of my reading because the main character, Alex, our unexpected hero, experience a new voyage in geographic space, to Paris, but also in feelings: her love blooms in this city, although it had been hurt, due to a heart that dreams awaken. I ask myself if mythology is “just” a matter of Gods but also a state of mind of lovers that look to each other and find themselves frightened by the dimension of their human magic...

Summing up, I look forward for the next Chapter. Will love prevail?


Please feel free to find this book at

Book 1 paperback:

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eBook 2:




Kind regards,

Rui M.


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For literature lovers...


All best

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Jul 14

All this, I saw there, over the closed pages, letters fermenting life and keen eyes to deserve to live it. I explain: it is like we wanted to feel a movie without seeing it, it's free cadence, emotionally rational during a visit, that though pleasant, makes us feel captives and prisoners, unpleasantly afraid of losing that piece of utopia ...

After all, what sense has the logic, when we succumb to the charm of a summer feel, between poetic smells of modern printers? But at the end of the day, after the H Hour, the music of Franz Liest brought me back, despite the fear, to the enchanted world of "real" things ...

[the end, by now]

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Tudo isto, ali eu vi, por sobre as páginas fechadas, letras lêvedas de vida e olhos desejosos de a merecer viver. Eu explico: é como querer sentir um filme de cinema sem o ver, é a cadência livre, emocionalmente racional, de uma visita que, embora agradável, nos faz sentir cativos e presos, desagradavelmente receosos de perder aquele pedaço de utopia...

Afinal, que sentido tem a lógica, quando sucumbimos ao encanto de um sentir de verão, entre cheiros poéticos de tipografias modernas? Mas, ao final do dia, depois da Hora H, a música de Franz Liest trazia-me de volta, a medo, para o mundo encantado das coisas "reais"...

[fim, por agora]

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Jun 14

Utopia, at the book fair, was the putrid smell of impossible dreams but also the flowers alone, abandoned on the floor, in their purplish blue, drunk smell of the pollen, that where able to prostrate themselves at my side, in their indecent innocence...

Crazy Summer dreams, trapped in a paper container, like fries with sauces, eaten there by myself, condemned to be, at the very end, only a memory, a warm sky with an unnamed color ... no words to describe. A symbol of a way that words do not allow us to follow. So just a dream, despised by many but not by me during that beloved visit.



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Mai 14

The hidden flavor of love


They came in waves ... waves of cold and translucent tiny droplets, like sugar candy point, which languished when falling, brought together by the gentle wind that gave them as a whole, on a silver platter, the shape of a heart which, from the sky fall here in front of my window, whose glass protected me from the elements and gray of that day. That water, falling on the floor, did release the odor of wet earth and if I brought him to my taste, I swear by the almost love that motivated me at that moment, I would feel the intense chocolate flavor ...




This tale won a prize on 31 March by Alfarroba Publishers:

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Dez 13

Your vampire and our blood that feeds me


I know you are a good girl

And I am your volatile vampire...

That lives in a strange swirl,

Of feelings forming a last empire.


But my heart is frozen and alone,

Just a cold piece of metal...

That is hard-hearted stone,

A strange flower without a petal...


I ask myself if I am still alive,

Cause my vessels are deep blue...

And my muscles for movement they strive,

For you and your eyes that are true...


I am just tired to sing alone everywere,

Under the light of the moon,

Spreading my wings to nowere,

Without running away from the doom...



NOTE: poem inspired in "O teu vampiro e o nosso sangue que me alimenta" (in Portuguese)



O teu vampiro e o nosso sangue que me alimenta


Eu sou o teu voluptuoso Vampiro

E bebo o teu amor vermelho para viver.

Mas, de ti, apenas arranco um suspiro,

Como o "sim" que tens medo de dizer.


E vivo apenas de noite, sozinho,

À luz de uma triste e singela vela...

Sempre sedento do teu carinho,

Fugindo da luz diurna que revela...


Só que este Natal quero ir-me,

Em pedaços felizes e livres pelo mundo...

Por capilaridade microscópica ferir-me,

No longe deste planeta imundo...


E assim ser o teu horizonte de calor,

Feito do avermelhado do teu sangue.

Converter-me no nosso enlevado ardor,

No toque da tua mão que me afague...

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