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It is with great joy that we announce that this year our Literary Contest will have a monetary prize. There will be a change in the format of the contest to allow more people to participate while creating the conditions for a more appealing contest in the future. There's no question we are creating something new. Thank you for wishing us luck in this new phase of our lives. A big thank you all.

See you soon and do not forget to spread the word to your friends.

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Jul 15

Good day! It is with great joy and satisfaction that we announce to have a new initiative to reward the winner of our contest! In partnership with Croffee (, we will create a crowdfunding campaign to bring to Lisbon the winner to present their work to an audience! We can not guarantee the success of the campaign but we can guarantee our commitment! This is one more reason to participate!





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The first Chapter of “Ambrosia Chronicles: the Initiation”


The first Chapter of “Ambrosia Chronicles: the Initiation” is a transmuted continuation of the first book of this trilogy. Transmuted is the right word to express what I felt by the end of my reading because the main character, Alex, our unexpected hero, experience a new voyage in geographic space, to Paris, but also in feelings: her love blooms in this city, although it had been hurt, due to a heart that dreams awaken. I ask myself if mythology is “just” a matter of Gods but also a state of mind of lovers that look to each other and find themselves frightened by the dimension of their human magic...

Summing up, I look forward for the next Chapter. Will love prevail?


Please feel free to find this book at

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Kind regards,

Rui M.


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Jun 14

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Mar 12

The hair
flies suffocated by the light...

The one that
you radiate from that timeless smile.

Of tones, of
temperatures, of tenderness that make justice

To ever
lasting beauty indifferent to any storm.


White teeth
between lips made one by a shiny light.

But, not more
than the happiness of the humid eyes.

As moons in first quarter that spout out

Dreams always
awaken and never forgotten.


promise of perfect joy,

at every light dawn.

Just as a life,
enigmatic, naive and sweet.

And forgotten years. Ho! If everything was like that…


Then we look
around us,

We see other
mountains and

We understand
how much we are small,

According to the infinitude of what we feel…


The end.

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