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Jul 13




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Mai 11

I will go with you in the infinite forest. My imaginary Princess.
There it is immense what comes from you and stimulates me.
During small pieces of time when I am just a small precarious existence.
With the size of a minuscule cellule.

Then I would like to be the DNA rich nucleus of a cellular body.
Your hair I would like it to be as microtubules full of magic.
Near me it would be the place from were they would ramify.
And you would incarnate, happy, my mitochondria full of energy.

We would live in symbiosis as at the outstanding beginning of time.
Sorrounded by lysosomes, ribosomes and endocitosys paths.
And the chemical exchanges we would make would be confirmed by kisses.
Just as membrane receptors and osmosis phenomena.

Finally we would appear naked, tepid, but not understood
under the cool and agnostic lens of a powerful microscope.
And would scintillate fluorescent and passionate, with tones immaculately greenish,
due to the usage of a soluble application of a frightful marker.

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