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Jun 14

Utopia, at the book fair, was the putrid smell of impossible dreams but also the flowers alone, abandoned on the floor, in their purplish blue, drunk smell of the pollen, that where able to prostrate themselves at my side, in their indecent innocence...

Crazy Summer dreams, trapped in a paper container, like fries with sauces, eaten there by myself, condemned to be, at the very end, only a memory, a warm sky with an unnamed color ... no words to describe. A symbol of a way that words do not allow us to follow. So just a dream, despised by many but not by me during that beloved visit.



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Jul 13

Petal yes, petal no:

this is the rhythm of love.

That sweet uncertainty of

the loneliness inside a bubble...


The end

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Jul 13

Synchronized chaos of our harts

in a single movement alone...

in the Universe, dark as the pure

opposite of light, the fragmented

subtlety of the weak...


The end

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Jul 13

The squirrel eats my almonds

and undresses of promisses my tree

But my heart's full of joy:

I'm not alone in my enchanted mountain!



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