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Mar 17



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Abr 13

I would like, so much, to have your fragrance.

Tender, calid and gently coloured flower...

Contrasts with the top of the mountain where you live:

it is between rocks and dry sand your home.

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Jun 12

Roofs where chocolate spreads,

bricks with the colours of scarlet faces. River,

that spreads in tones of silver, reflexes

of sun and light inviting us to a serenade.

Cheese cake that melts secretly in the mouth,

near exotic flowers whose
glimpse kills.

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Fev 11

Azured petals, darken at the extremity

But with colour of the Summer sky at the base

Solar yellow at the center

As the colour of the sun wrapped in the ice



Making me feel perplexity, before the impossible,

And crystalline pureness, full of simplicity,

With honey, frozen and amiable

That gently fills in my eyes with clarity



And when passing by her I would have a dilemma:

To cede and take her with me (killing her)

Or to respect her unique and lonely nature

Staying I suffering (but letting her alive)

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