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Out 17

In memory of those who died in the California fire. We need a fresh start in the relationship with the forest.



19th-century Romanticism


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Set 17

Flower Reborn (In Pedrógão)

Stubborn; As only a woman knows how to be.
Knowledgeable; As only a Goddess knows how to be.
Feminine and beautiful among the black of death,
reborn, alive, dependent on strength and not on luck.

Beautiful is your strength that gives color to the Morning.
Sunrise agape renewing Hope.
And the wind packs it, shrouded in gray dust,
that everything around him contemplates her Dance.

It is she, the Flower, who rises on the mountain,
Again, to prove that, who sowed her, was right  ...
To prove that a Goddess looks at us from the front:
without fear, despite the lifes the wind took.



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by Rui M.
Pedrógão is a locality in Portugal were 64 people died this June during a wild fire.
this and other poems in a new book "Pieces of Hope" (in English, Portuguese and Spanish)
for more info about the book contact

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Jun 17



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Jun 17


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Jun 17

There's no poetry here anymore...




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Ago 09

I live in POrtugal and know very well the drama of the fires in the Summer.

Nevertheless, I would say the same if I was living in Greece, Sapin, California or

Australia... Yesterday, I saw a TV show about the moon research. Today, I wonder

if we are too worried about the desolation of that planet and forget this fire threat.

We should research ways to put an end on it!

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