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Jul 17

Cinema Critique: Les Délices de Tokyo by Rui M. Carvalho (30 May 2017)


Full of poetry, Les Délices de Tokyo, a movie directed by NAOMI KAWASE, is a film that imprisons us inside the screen. Gradually we forget everything around us, until we almost refuse to be confronted with the end of this wonderful piece of art.

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Mai 17

 It will be available at Synchronized Chaos


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Dez 16

We invite you visit  to read the review about Beatrice Tillier and Tehy’s comic book "Fees et Tendres Automates"





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Out 14

For literature lovers...


All best

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Mar 14

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Jul 13

Synchronized chaos of our harts

in a single movement alone...

in the Universe, dark as the pure

opposite of light, the fragmented

subtlety of the weak...


The end

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