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Fev 10



The 15 of December, was a day of ice and storm, there was a

white mantle of hail on the abandoned fields. As scheduled I should go

for shopping with Raquel and then go on trip. She should be in the

nearest shelter and waiting for me, but as the storm broke, she got cold

when I arrived at 6h45 a.m. I lent her my coat she covered herself with it

and gave me a kiss on my lips to thank…

— Raquel, what's going on?! You know that we shouldn't be





— I know that, but... I really do not understand why you can't see

me with other eyes. I'm not so different form my sister and also wait for


— But you did have an affair a little time ago?!

— It was just an adventure. I was alone and wanted you to notice


— I don't know what to say. I'm happy to receive such attention

from you. But, as you know I feel something special for Madalena. We

feel a great complicity and bond between us. Please try to understand and

accept this.

— I understand... can we go?! — We did not say a word until we

arrived near the village. Rain fell down all the way. It was like we were

separated from the rest of the world, I had to drive slowly. When we

arrived, the rain stopped, just like an invitation to go for a walk. We spent

all morning going around and buying some food and Christmas presents

for our little sick girls, certainly we would also buy some gifts for little

strawberry. The smell of the traditional Christmas cakes and fritters made

us order two cakes and so we had to wait until the end of the afternoon.

At night fall the lights on the shop-window and the busy Xmas whirl in

the streets, created another Christmas feeling.


* * * The Christmas Spirit * * *


Those colours made more real the Christmas spirit. There was a


group of colours that made us feel peace and joy. We returned just after

seeing the shop-window of candies and gave a look at the small shopping

mall of the village. When I arrived home Leonor asked me to tell to baby

Jesus Christ to bring a doll and that she could be bought in town. — Well,

— I thought — it could be everywhere but it has to be bought in town.

This child desire means that she is getting better! — and answered: — Of

course! — It was then that I noticed that the roseate colours of small

strawberry had already returned to her cheeks, which was good! This

contentment made me fall asleep soon and the night went by like the

blink of an eye.




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