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Dez 09

Christmas has arrived. I is my favourite season. Why?! Well becuse this is the time of the year when children dream about magic, peace and cakes with sugar. It's all about lights, cribs, Santa Claus, Jesus, life and family... Last week died one person of my family. She was 93 years old... How precious she was and how precious are all we to each other.


We should all think about this. Please here your opinion. What do you think is Christmas about?


My gift to you are these two photos of Lisbon. Your gift to me is your opinion ... Don't forget to send it to me :-)


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2nd select "Não tem blog no sapo" (you don't have a sapo blog);

3rd bellow "comentário" in the box, write what you want;

4th place the characters bellow "copiar caracteres" (copy letters and numbers)

5th click "publicar comentário"


And that's it!

Thanks and have a nice Christmas!




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