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Mai 09

Do you know that some people believe that the

dream we have is directly linked to our thoughts

just before we fell asleep? Unfortunately, this

was not the case for me during that night. I just

had a deep sleep, the night was like a 5 minutes

experience. The new day woke me up with the sound

of rain on the blinds, it was pouring. During the

day, I was helpless to arrange some time to visit

our garden... it was out of the city. Intuitively

my eyes sought resemblances in other gardens but

they found nothing more than feelings of

frustration and regret for lost opportunities to

catch the butterfly. In my trips, the traffic lights

were like a plague that made me lose some time.

But ironically they were the only shiny lights

I could see in the city.

On the weekend I went to our garden but didn’t

find you. Monday, shaken by my incapability, I

sat on a garden bench and I read again the ancient

text. My senses were very refined and that led

to notice an intriguing sentence: "a butterfly

going from garden to garden..." Maybe, the

appealing of the text to me was not a

coincidence, and my human butterfly was living

in another garden...

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