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Abr 09


I had just read a small tale of an ancient Chinese wise man who wrote down

his dream in which he was a butterfly. He presented it

with an intriguing aura, but for me it was just an

unusual dream. Still, suddenly I started to think that

while seeking you I could visit that garden where I last

saw you. So involved by the thoughts I was, that I

started to see those imaginary butterflies that inhabited it.

They had beautiful wings, ones with brown colours and shiny

reflections, others had transparent wings with

different blue tones. Then I looked attentively at them and

saw one with your face... astonished by this revelation and

starting to worship that insect, I woke up suddenly from

my day dream... a real butterfly fell down

into my soup. I was having my dinner...

But, I continued to wonder what I would do, in my dream, if

it didn't end.

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This tale is nice!
Cassie a 28 de Abril de 2009 às 01:06

Your tales are nice :)
Briana a 28 de Abril de 2009 às 01:07