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Abr 16


by Shmavon Azatyan



You are the heavenly island

I swim to                                                           

to be harbored

from the gloating of all world.


The sea is cold,

day is gloomy,

I’m numb -

my feelings turn frigid.

Yet you

have power on my heart.


I toil to you;

the autumn day sinks

beyond the high waters -

life draws away,

and the jump of

the blindfold lightening

speckles my anticipation.


And then the predisposition

I divine

in your manner

loses its advantage. 


The time

we at last come to speech

the island has gone. 


In between you and I

seas lie laden with somber skies;

only the anonymous topography

we’ve both cared to observe

is what can lead us

to one another.

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