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Dez 14

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Cracking voices bellow my feet,

As a calling to a desirable isomorphic future,

Of savoury buildings I could eat slowly,

With the rhythm of their motionless chocolate brown bricks.


But, certainly, without any tricks,

Then I'm just like a statue of ivory

Someone searching the unique image of the pure,

Even if looking to the chocolate dust over my feet...

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Made of ice are they in the shiny Winter,

But still of colors of the imagination are certainly they,

And I almost forgot their pieces of water,

As if I was inebriated by their alcoholic voices during pray.


Petals of ice, stalks of snow, leafs of cold.

Frozen pollen taken by enchanted bees,

As those of a certain myth I once was told,

Flying over burning ice and living in a beehive at the trees.

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Dez 14

Fonti e colline chiesi agli Dei;

m'udiro alfine,

pago io vovro,

ne mai quel fonte co'desir miei,

ne mai quel monte trapassero


"I asked the Gods for hills and springs;

They listened to me at last.

I shell live contented.

And I shall never desire to go beyond that spring,

nor shall I desire to cross that mountain."


"Eu pedi aos Deuses montes e fontes;

Eles ouviram-me finalmente.

Eu devo viver satisfeito.

E eu não devo jamais desejar ir além daquela fonte,

nem deverei desejar atravessar aquela montanha."


Sei Ariette I: Malincolia, ninfa gentile

de Vincenzo Bellini


Translation into Portuguese by Rui M.

Tradução para Português por Rui M.

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Dez 14

Un cielo despejado, la esperanza.

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