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Jun 14

Utopia, at the book fair, was the putrid smell of impossible dreams but also the flowers alone, abandoned on the floor, in their purplish blue, drunk smell of the pollen, that where able to prostrate themselves at my side, in their indecent innocence...

Crazy Summer dreams, trapped in a paper container, like fries with sauces, eaten there by myself, condemned to be, at the very end, only a memory, a warm sky with an unnamed color ... no words to describe. A symbol of a way that words do not allow us to follow. So just a dream, despised by many but not by me during that beloved visit.



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Utopia, na feira do livro, foi o cheiro fétido a sonhos impossíveis mas, também, as flores sozinhas, abandonadas no chão, no seu azul arroxeado, bêbado do cheiro a pólen, capazes de se prostrarem à minha beira, na sua inocência indecente...


Sonhos loucos de Verão, aprisionados num recipiente de papel, como batatas fritas com molhos, ali devoradas por mim, para no fim sobrar apenas uma recordação, um céu quente, com uma cor sem nome... sem palavras que a descreva. Um símbolo daquele caminho que as palavras não nos permitem seguir. Tão só um sonho, desprezado por muitos mas, não por mim, durante aquela visita apaixonada.



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Jun 14

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Jun 14

Dear Friends,

I would like to inform you that the "Lisbon's Book Marketplace 84th Edition 2014" takes place from 29 May to 15 June.

I went there on the 29th May and it was a very interesting experience. I found out that there is a lot of new food there :)

not just books :) So, if you don't want to get fat, you shouldn't feel hungry when you visit this marketplace!


But... the books?! I expect to tell you here all my adventures soon :)



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