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Fev 13


My royal blue is only your colorful wood house

Worm place, where I can find your ivory arms

Someday, I am certain, you will be my spouse

But today we are golden lovers in arm’s


The many small clay tiles in the roof are poppy red

The wall, of exotic wood: India yellow

The views of that evenly place: perfectly mellow

More if my lips touch yours. Blood: vermilium red.


Our deep lake near the house has waters sap green

Reflecting the phthalo blue and indigo of sky

Also the trees' colors with those fruits we are keen


Everything perfect when I see your eyes

If I don’t, then, my face is mineral white

And caput mortuum abandon our skies



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Fev 13

Boa tarde a todos,

informo, a quem não saiba, que o meu livro em Lisboa se encontra à venda em:

"O Alfarrabista" (Baixa - Rua da Madalena), "Museu do Fado" (Alfama) e "El Corte Inglés" (Praça de Espanha).


Chama-se "Tales for the Ones in Love"


Obrigado e cumprimentos,


Dear Friends,

in Portugal, my book is for sale in Lisbon and Arganil.

Best regards,


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Dear Friends you can make a download of a free app at Windows Phone Microsoft Marketpalce, if you have a Windows Phone.

"Poetry 1", "Poetry 2" and/or "Poetry 3" are my poetry apps.


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Fev 13

Good afternoon friends,

One example that seems evident when we think about the preceding text, it seems to me, the case of horror movies. In reality, reality itself can contain many of the elements of a horror film, for example, the death of family members, illness, violent assaults and even, these days the lack of jobs and forced emigration. This output of the "comfort zone" that some people refer ... the same people that don't know what they're talking about. That said, it seems peaceful to admit that someone who likes horror movies have a quiet life as the surface of a lake in late Summer .. that envy. See you soon and have a quiet life, without horror movies (or horror literature)

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Boa tarde amigos,

Um exemplo que me parece evidente do que falei no texto anterior é, parece-me, o caso dos filmes de terror. Na realidade, a realidade, em si mesma, pode conter muitos dos elementos de um filme de terror, por exemplo, a morte de familiares, as doenças, os assaltos violentos e mesmo, nos tempos que correm a falta de emprego e a emigração forçada. Essa saída da "zona de conforto" que algumas pessoas referem... as mesmas que não sabem realmente do que estão a falar.

Posto isto, parece-me pacífico admitir que alguém que gosta de filmes de terror tenha uma vida tranquíla como a superfície de um lago, em tarde de Verão... que inveja.

Até breve e tenham uma vida tranquíla, sem filmes de terror (nem literatura de terror)

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