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Ago 12

Ao voltar da página quero um golpe de asa por dia.

Um amor a cada esquina.

A espada numa mão e uma estrela na outra.

Querer ser nada e respirar o universo na profundeza da sua nano

poeira cósmica. Voar como quem nada, sonhar como quem delira.



When I return


When I turn the page I want a great achievement per day.

A pure and simple love.

The sword in one hand and a star in the other.

Wanting to be nothing and to breathe the universe at the profundity of

the smallest cosmic dust. To fly as whom swim, to dream as whom is delirious.

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Ago 12

All I burn inside.

With this strange feeling.

The injustices are taken by the winds

leaving behing only these torment wings.

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Ago 12

Dear friends, I'm on holidays but I'm writing a new poem... I belive next week the new poem is posted here, together with a few new photos.

Please be patient.


Caros amigos, embora eu esteja de férias encontro-me neste momento a escrever um novo poema o qual, juntamente com algumas novas fotografias, espero colocar neste espaço durante a próxima semana.

Por favor aguardem.


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Ago 12

Little raspberry.

How would be the Summer without you?

Your pure red and your leafs' contour lines?

A heat without hope?

I love you... with the same strength I love the sky.




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Ago 12

Dear Friends,

Thanks for your visits and comments.

I'm very glad to inform you that two new Apps are available at Windows Phone Marketplace, and for free: "Poetry1" and "Poetry2".

Soon you will find, for only 0.99 USD, "Poetry3".


All the best and enjoy your holidays!



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