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Mar 10





I think that an important aspect of literature is the possibility to imagine a life that we want. For me, catastrophes and other sad situations, aren't important in this context. In fact, if you want to see something sad you only have to turn on the tv. Literature can also help you to build a better life where you have everything you really want, or at least those things that you value the most. You probably agree with me...

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Finally, the day before the trip to town: 18 of December. After a
day hearing that man screaming — Incompetents! — at the office, at
everyone, without exception, the end of the working day was like a
liberation. When I arrived home, seeing Raquel and my mother baking
cakes was like a Christmas Eve before time. After all the Christmas spirit
is the family together and because all that situation appeared to have that
purpose, I could say that was the feeling.
Took my motorbike to the Church of Mont'Alto and when I
returned I stopped near the fountain to drink water. The water was going
very clear and cold on the palm of my hand and I was feeling a cold wind
from the mountain, that was coming from the gloomy valleys that were
surrounding the mountain… but, suddenly, I saw a reflex on the water.
— Such an enormous reflex, what could it be?!
I looked above and saw an image that I hardly understood what it
was and I ran to far away, so I could look from a safety distance...
— My God, there it is that image... I must be very sick! I must
walk slowly until I reach the motorbike and make a safe trip back home,
shouldn't I fall on the way… — I thought and that was what I've done,
but, seeing from a bigger distance it was a clear image … it was
Madalena, laying on a bed, with her arm stretched and a flower on her
— Am I insane? ... this situation is making me very sick! — I
rubbed my eyes and looked again… and the image had gone away. After
all, everything can be explained by the lack of sleep! As the motorbike
was right next the fountain, I went there and when I was going away, near
the main entrance, I noticed that there was a yellow rose left on the bank
of the fountain… I picked it up and took it with me to give to little
strawberry… It was explained, why I'd seen a rose during my

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