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Out 11

We found the watch and continued to the restaurant to make a phone call and this time I was decided to use a borrowed mobile phone, because I didn't want to leave her alone.
— Its 10h39 p.m., we have to hurry up.
As my mother answered I felt relief.
— Mother… Yes, I know…
I explained everything, but she didn't understand.
— You know that I don't want you with that girl! She's not a good person!
I was of my mind, and immediately lost the control of the situation.
— But, are you coming here to help us or not?! I cannot accept that you forbid me to be with the person I like the most!
Your eyes were clouded with innocence and fear, and retained tears because of a situation that you didn't know anything about. And my eyes were clouded with anger.
— Yes... We are going to wait near the restaurant High Water.
I turned off the mobile phone and wanted to pay the gentleman who lent it to me, but he, with a look full of wisdom on his face, that looked as like it was made by the marine winds, with deep wrinkles and a salient vein on his forehead, answered:
— No, my young man, it was a pleasure to help you both.
And, with his hardened hands, who knows by ship cords, picked up the mobile phone and without hesitation, he continued his meal. His spouse looked at him with affection and took his right hand, as soon as he finished that magnanimous gesture.
— After all… What's going on?!
You asked me unquietly.
— My mother dislikes our relationship, but we must believe that everything is going to be ok. Just trust me. Do you?
— Yes.
I kept my arm around your shoulders, as we approached the street.
— Do you believe that story of the ghosts?
— I haven't seen ant until now.
The cars were passing by at a high speed, but we didn't notice them…

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