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Set 11

— Were you looking for someone?
— Well, not really… do you know the story of the boyfriends in this beach? I can see you don't. I’ll tell you. It is said that this beach is haunted by the ghosts of two lovers... They enjoyed bathing themselves near the water… until one day… one day, her father, who didn't approve their relation, found out that they usually ran away to the seashore and he managed to release a pre-historic monster to devour them at the sunset … and that was what happened. But it seems that someone saw them after the tragedy… This is the reason of my curiosity. Sorry about this.
And he arrived at an inconvenient time and he disappeared immediately, going to the other extreme of the beach. The shadow of that black figure reflected on the red colour of sun on the sand.
— I'm no longer ok here, let's go!
The day light was vanishing, and when we arrived at the parking space we noticed that our car had been stolen. Neither the mobile phone nor clothing were there. We had to return to the beach and we went to a restaurant to make a phone call.
When I was getting close to the windows near the entrance, I looked inside and noticed that only an employee, dressed with XVIII century clothes, theatrical. He had also noticed us. — Let's go!
Your worried voice incited me to quicken the pace. But you stood at the door. I entered, and when I asked to make a phone call the employee was no longer the same. I looked to see you and you stood quietly, I saw your hair flying with the wind of the night, while you were looking towards the beach. Nevertheless, the telephone was occupied. I came to you… but, — Where did you go?!
I thought I saw you from afar, near the water, under the moonlight. — Wait!
I ran in your direction and held you in my arms. The night was beautiful, so we stayed there. We felt that place was safer at the seashore… but there was no strong reason to believe that.


To embrace you, was more than one simple sign of relief or manifestation of what I felt for you. Both of us were feeling two hearts so close that they seemed to be interconnected by arteries and veins, flooded with blood, in an asynchronous rhythm but sharing the same space.
— Why did you come? Aren't you conscious of the danger that means being here at this time of the day?!
— And you?! If you knew about the danger, why did you come with me?!
— But… why are you telling me that?
That answer made me worry.
— You can't let yourself be influenced by what a child says… that boy that appeared to us is the problem, isn't he?  Admit it.
— Yes, but our car vanished… there are robbers out there!
— Look around us. Do you see anyone?
I looked to my wrist, but the moonlight revealed a lost watch.
— Let's make the path back to the restaurant.
Far away, but some how close, the laughs at the esplanade were making us more confident.
— Look! It's there!

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