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Fev 11

Due to the 100 years of the Lisbon University there is music at some universities of our city. I invite you to look at the following photos obtained at the music festival of the biggest Engineering University of Portugal (Instituto Superior Técnico):

 9 December 2010 - Salão Nobre do IST -

Mário Laginha Trio

(Mário Laginha; Bernardo Moreira and Alexandre Frazão)





 14 December 2010 - Salão Nobre do IST - Noble Large Hall

Marco Mencoboni (harpsichord)



17 December 2010 - Sé Patriarcal de Lisboa

At the main Church of Lisbon.

Marco Mencoboni and his group (Alessandro Carmignani; Andrea Arrivabene; Simone Vallerotonda; Cristiano Contadin)






With authorization of Professor Henrique Oliveira.

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